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3 Important Ideas for New Homebuyers

July 5, 2016 Admin

Perhaps the most important part of shopping for a new home is knowing the details regarding its location. The location dictates almost everything in every home buying transaction. How close to or far from what […]

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A Sensible Choice in Housing: Kit Homes

February 5, 2016 Admin

A kit home is one in which most of the components are already pre-assembled or prefabricated. These are brought over to the property and assembled to make a complete home – hence the term ‘kit’. […]

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A Healthy Home is a Home Free of Water Contaminants

January 17, 2016 Admin

Thinking about doing something to improve your home? Then before you spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a renovating, remodelling, redecorating, or expanding, consider how healthy your home is first. Does your home provide […]

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Home Extension 101: Ideas for a Successful Project

December 15, 2015 Admin

Growing families have growing needs. Living space at home, for instance, often becomes insufficient when new members are welcomed into the family. When this happens, extensions are often the most practical solution. If you’re looking […]