House and Home

Ensuring a Smooth Home Owning Experience

May 3, 2018 Admin

Over 38 million American homeowners are struggling with their mortgage repayments, and it’s putting them at risk of foreclosure. On average, if you spend more than a third of your monthly income to repay your home […]

House and Home

Phoenix: The Country’s Top 2017 Housing Market

June 29, 2017 Admin

Despite the country seeing the lowest rate of home ownership since 1965, many consumers still strive hard to make the transition from being renters to homeowners. Yes, many houses have high prices tags attached to […]

Architecture and Landscaping

The Five Critical Steps in Buying a House

June 8, 2016 Admin

Owning a home is one of the core concepts of many people’s dreams. When you're ready to turn that dream into reality, there are concrete steps to follow. These steps ensure that you get the […]