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Going Mobile for SEO Rankings: What You Can Expect

August 20, 2015 Admin

More and more people are now using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, more than desktops and laptops when looking for information. This prompted Google to update its algorithm and standards to reward websites […]

Online Business

Internet: Your Way to Get More Customers

May 18, 2015 Admin

Many people argue that a handwritten letter is still better than an email, but in the business world, sending and receiving messages quickly is important. Advancements in technology make it possible to make transactions without […]

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Online Business

Online Advertising Tips for Home Businesses

May 11, 2015 Admin

Whether you are creating your own line of clothing or selling a home chili recipe, getting your brand in the public’s eye is important for the success of your business. How exactly do you advertise […]

Online Business

How Dealing with Duplicate Content Can Save Websites

April 15, 2014 Admin

Search engines in the past simply remove duplicate content or include them as additional results for higher-ranking websites. With Google Panda, however, any website can receive a penalty because of bad and duplicate content. This […]

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Online Business

Boosting Your Site’s Credibility

April 3, 2014 Admin

Your website’s credibility is one of the factors that will attract customers and generate leads. Credibility also increases your chances of changing a user’s attitude and behaviour. Boost the online credibility of your company and […]