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How Technology Changed Dating Culture

December 14, 2020 Admin

In today’s world, online dating has become popular. All around the world, people are turning to date applications to find their potential partners. There has been an exponential growth in dating apps, which have become the […]

active bushfire in the forest
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Supporting Efforts to Fight Bushfires

January 15, 2020 Admin

Patsy the border collie rescuing a flock of sheep and saving farmhouses, shearing sheds, and other farm items are probably one of the very few feel-good stories amidst the recent bushfire disaster crippling the entire […]

a couple
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How to Attract the Woman You Like

January 14, 2020 Admin

So you’re head over heels to a girl you’ve met through a matchmaking agency in London. Initially, she doesn’t think of you as more than friends, but you’re determined to go deeper into the friend […]

at a construction site
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Cost Control for Every Construction Project

January 3, 2020 Admin

Proper estimation is the best way to allocate the right amount of funds for a construction project. But without adequate cost control, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. Cost control is an integral […]

person with disability in a wheel chair
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Barriers of Persons with Disabilities

September 16, 2019 Admin

Persons with disabilities are people with certain conditions that inhibit their movement, thinking, and sensing skills. They have problems participating in the everyday activities of the society. These PWDs are entitled to various rights and […]