person with disability in a wheel chair
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Barriers of Persons with Disabilities

September 16, 2019 Admin 0

Persons with disabilities are people with certain conditions that inhibit their movement, thinking, and sensing skills. They have problems participating in the everyday activities of the society. These PWDs are entitled to various rights and […]

Close up of a diamond
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These Diamonds Are Your New Best Friends

April 2, 2019 Admin 0

There is a growing interest in the newest type of diamonds called lab diamonds. If this is the first time you hear about this, these diamonds are actually worth investing in, and they look just […]

Man welding a metal
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Understanding the Process of Metal Fabrication

March 30, 2019 Admin 0

When you see monuments and metal roofing in Salt Lake City or wrought iron gates in Washington, as well as other metalwork around the U.S., have you ever been curious about the process that turned simple metals […]

a blank envelope and card
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Clear Stamps 101: All You Need to Know

January 10, 2019 Admin 0

Whether you’re an old hand at stamping or new to the craft, clear stamps make a great addition to your stamp collection. Also known as acrylic, polymer, or photopolymer stamps, this kind of stamp comes […]