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Improving Home Security: What You Can Do

October 16, 2020 Admin

Your home is supposed to be your most secure place. But it is not as safe as some people think. Each year, there are 2.2 million home burglaries in the U.S. alone. This means that there […]

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House and Home

Start Your Sustainable Living Journey Now

October 14, 2020 Admin

As human society evolves, we consume more and more of Earth’s natural resources to fuel our lives. With every technological advancement comes an even greater need for minerals and raw materials, and the production of […]

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House and Home

Improving Your Home While You Stay at Home

September 13, 2020 Admin

Amid the continuous battle against COVID-19, many people are fighting another battle in their homes — against restlessness and boredom. While the spread of the infection is enough to keep people inside of their homes, […]