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Reviewing Kedma’s Mineral Hair Mask

June 5, 2019 Admin 0

I have always been insecure and conscious of my locks. I have always had curly hair, but when I was back in college, I used to get it straightened because I long for straight locks. […]

an entrepreneur inside her jewelry shop
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A Guide to Launching a Retail Store

May 30, 2019 Admin 0

In this day and age, launching a new business is something that you should not take lightly. It should be an event that captures the attention of your target audience and even those who belong […]

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Get Essential Nutrients from Blending and Juicing

May 7, 2019 Admin 0

A typical working adult needs critical micronutrients from the diet. These nutrients become available to the body as soon as they are absorbed in the intestines. The body utilises nutrients to supply energy for metabolic […]

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How to Plan a Class Reunion

April 5, 2019 Admin 0

Ever since high school, you’ve been the organized one in the bunch, always ready with activity and venue recommendations for any occasion. Birthdays? You got it. Teachers’ Day? You got just the perfect surprise idea. […]