man downed by economy
Education and Training

Surviving the Economic Downturn

September 16, 2021 Admin

Johns Hopkins broke down the grim numbers associated with Covid-19. We see that more than four million died because of the virus. It also shows us that more than 200 million people caught the disease. […]

giving a gift
Business and Finance

Be the One that Gives Good Gifts

September 6, 2021 Admin

We give gifts as a symbol of love and appreciation. When we are the ones receiving gifts, we often feel gratitude and acknowledgment. But when we are the ones on the giving end, it feels […]

health coach
Education and Training

Communication Strategies for Health Coaches

December 25, 2019 Admin

Communication is essential, no matter what type of relationship. For gym instructors and health coaches, effectively communicating with their clients is a must, as they want their clients to progress. Today, we will discuss some […]