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5 Crucial Tips for Becoming a Better Manager

December 30, 2020 Admin

It’s never been in doubt that a manager’s skill in handling their subordinates is an important facet in employee retention. However, people occasionally forget its effects can range from simple discontent in employees to their […]

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Business and Finance

Pointers for Improving Guest Experience in Your Resort

December 16, 2020 Admin

A resort typically includes several facilities, including a restaurant, bar, accommodation, reception, entertainment, security, parking, swimming pool, and spa. Therefore, as a hotel owner, you must ensure that all of these sections are well-maintained for […]

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Business and Finance

How Businesses Can Acclimate to Climate Change

December 15, 2020 Admin

Climate change and its effects will continue to change the world in major ways. This year alone, we have seen super typhoons ravage third-world nations, wildfires destroy parts of the West Coast, and more intense […]

Information Services

How Technology Changed Dating Culture

December 14, 2020 Admin

In today’s world, online dating has become popular. All around the world, people are turning to date applications to find their potential partners. There has been an exponential growth in dating apps, which have become the […]

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Business and Finance

Businesses: Keeping Afloat Amid a Pandemic

December 11, 2020 Admin

The pandemic has affected businesses around the world. Even as large corporations scaled-down their operations, small businesses bore the brunt of the situation. Most of these businesses sought extensions on payments and leveraged the Payroll […]