House and Home

King or Queen? The Royal Mattress Battle

April 25, 2019 Admin

It’s a battle between kings and queens, with both sides having their advantages and pitfalls. There can only be one victor. Sorry, but this isn’t about “Game of Thrones.” This is about mattresses.  Before you […]

Architecture and Landscaping

Practical Uses of Paracord

April 24, 2019 Admin

Paracord fashion is one of the few trends that not only looks good but actually fulfills a practical purpose—if you know where to look. Originally developed for use in military and high-intensity activities such as […]

Couple traveling

Top Five Essentials for First-Time Travelers

April 16, 2019 Admin

Traveling to the Holy Land can be an eye-opening experience for most people. But like any other international travels, going to other countries is a huge stretch. You need to carefully plan everything that you […]