close shot of a home architecture surrounded by flowers and plants
House and Home

Fantasy d20 Homes in the Birthplace of D&D

September 20, 2019 Admin 0

Houses shaped remarkably similar to tabletop role playing dice are appearing all-over Minnesota. These houses have a fantasy or sci-fi feel — quite apt for the state that gave rise to the popular Dungeons and […]

black iron fence of large building
House and Home

Fence Construction: The Risks You Might be Taking

September 20, 2019 Admin 0

Marking your property boundaries is essential to avoid encroachment, a situation where you violate the property rights of your neighbor or vice versa. These markers prevent you or your neighbor from extending a structure beyond […]

Business and Finance

How Does Lighting Affect Your Restaurant Business?

September 19, 2019 Admin 0

Running a restaurant is a great experience, especially if you’re passionate about it. But like the other business, major and minor decisions can have a substantial impact on your business. The very center of every […]

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Business and Finance

Better Living: Professional Cleaning Services

September 18, 2019 Admin 0

Having a home that looks as if it came out of the page of a glam magazine is no small responsibility. Moreover, maintaining it to continue to sustain its appearance is somehow impossible, unless you […]