The Office Furniture You Have Says a Lot about Your Health

Office desk with ergonomic chairs

An office, at its core, is a place for work. However, it shouldn’t only function as an area where there’s a desk and chair to work on. Having furnishings thrown here and there don’t define an office. As this is where you do your job, collaborate with co-workers, and meet with potential clients, it should exude professionalism while also boosting your creativity and productivity. This is where furniture plays a significant role.

Furnishing for Health

Think about it: You’ll spend countless hours sitting in front of a desk, clicking away on your computer, writing, sketching, or whatever it is that your job entails. The main thing here is that sedentary work puts stress and pressure on the back and spine. Over time, this will lead to disc compression and minimized circulation. There are also the complications brought by repetitive movements and actions, such as using a computer mouse or typing on a keyboard.

When choosing office furniture, especially chairs, tables, and desks, make sure you take into account how it will affect your health. Invest in seats and desks with ergonomics in mind. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these, says New Life Office, especially since you can find many used yet quality office furniture from Las Vegas suppliers.

Productivity and Creativity Boosters

Ergonomic office furniture helps minimize occupational health issues. You’ll feel relaxed and comfortable, which then paves way for improved productivity and creativity. Moreover, the atmosphere they create helps stimulate the brain, so you remain focused on what you’re doing.

Ergonomic and stylishly designed furnishings have a huge contribution to your output. Besides, you don’t want your office to feature cheap-looking furniture, as this also affects the professionalism and credibility of your workplace or business.

Three Office Design Trends to Look Out for This 2017

Workplace InteriorFor the past few years, upgrades on office layouts have become visible and apparent. These new and evolving designs are slowly dominating the centre stage in today's setup. Your choices are no longer limited to style, but also include function and flexibility. More importantly, it has a strong representation of the company's identity (brand) and culture (values).

Take a peek at this year's biggest and most inventive office design trends:

Welcoming the Outdoors

One of the fastest growing trends you can expect this year is letting in the outdoors inside the office. Adding indoor plants and other outside elements in will continue to progress. Most especially because it is directly linked to one's performance (productivity) and well-being (health). Living walls or hanging plants is probably the most popular of them as it posits cleaner and healthier work environment.

Adapting to a Collaborative Setting

Employees undergo to major reconfiguration in terms of their work schedule. You are not only talking about individuality, but everyone working together as a team. In line with this behaviour, dedicated desks will be lesser as collaborative furniture takes over. In your office conference room, you can expect smarter furniture to appear. Whiteleys Office Furniture notes that this will allow you to easily control and do anything at the tip of your finger.

Shaping Up with Healthier Seating

Recently, architects and designers have embraced a new aspect of workplace design which combines work performance and well-being. Due to this concern, these experts look for ways on how they can positively support employees on their productivity without sacrificing their health. With these goals in mind, they have come up with a more improved seating option giving these people the opportunity to remain healthy even at work.

Sit-stand workstations are the common example of these innovations. This particular invention saves the employees from the possible health hazards of sitting for an extended number of hours. Thus, creating a conducive working environment while keeping away the workers in harm’s way.

As the year move forward, these design trends will continue to take over. Be sure to incorporate these new and fresh elements to create a better, more functional and pleasant workplace that you and your staffs could enjoy.