What Should Kids Eat For Healthy Teeth?

Foods for Kids in Cottonwood HeightsWhen it comes to proper dental health, it’s best to start early. Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep young children away from sweets, but with the right alternatives, they can prevent the bad sugar habits at an early age.

Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist noted that a pediatric dentist in Cottonwood Heights can help you maintain your kid’s good oral health and its lifelong benefits. Here are some of the food they recommend:

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C can help kill bacteria present in the mouth, so load up on sweet fruits such as papaya, strawberries, cantaloupe, and even citrusy ones like kiwis, oranges and limes. For the veggie varieties, fill your child’s plate with an assortment of yellows, reds, and oranges such as tomatoes, peppers, and sweet potatoes.

Crisp veggies for chewing

Swap the potato chips with other crisps, such as snap peas, raw carrots, cauliflower, and celery. Of course, it’s not as appetizing and satisfying as a bag of popcorn and potato chips, but these food items can help remove the plaque buildup in the teeth. Pick two or three days in the week for “veggie snacking.” Start with small adjustments.

Go nuts

Speaking of snacks, a handful of nuts and seeds are not only good for your child’s teeth but also healthy too. The natural fats or oils from sesame, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds can coat the teeth and protect them from bacteria and make them cavity-resistant!

Good ol’ dairy

Yogurt, milk, and cheese are rich in Vitamin D, calcium and phosphate that help improve the mouth’s pH levels. It helps reduces tooth decay and strengthens the teeth. Growing kids still need milk to develop strong bones and teeth. Be careful not to add extra sweetening agents to the milk that could cause tooth decay.

With the right diet and snack alternatives, you can help your kids prevent tooth decay and other dental problems.

Great Teeth May Take the Years Off of Your Face

Girl with Beautiful TeethLaugh lines and wrinkles come with age, but that doesn’t mean you have to bear with the signs of your years etched on your face.

You know that there are plenty of ways to rid yourself of those facial lines. Moisturisers, night creams, lotions and even diet supplements are all available for you to add to your anti-ageing routine. But, you can go the natural route and start somewhere in your face, like your teeth.

An underrated asset, they can give you a fresher and younger look instantly. Ask your dentist in Bondi, or elsewhere, about it. How? You count the ways.

Great Teeth Make You Look Neat

When you look at a set of yellowing, plaque-laden pearly whites (not), you don’t find it attractive, do you? Not only does it look dirty; it also looks unhealthy, a sure sign of a worn-out smile. This drops the neatness factor, which helps you look youthful and vibrant. Start brushing and flossing away to get that sparkle back.

Healthy, Aligned Teeth Make a Mouth Younger

Receding gums are common among ageing individuals, male or female. Bad dental hygiene habits are a cause of unhealthy teeth, but misaligned ones aren’t under your control. Good thing it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it, as you may go for preventative treatments such as aligners, braces and even surgery.

Healthy and properly aligned teeth are less prone to plaque and bacteria buildup, and they’re less likely to cause gum conditions because of that. Your mouth ages and goes through a lot of unnecessary discomfort and pressure due to poor dental structure and health, so keep it young by taking care of your teeth.

Good Teeth Mean Good Facial Form

Your teeth influence your mouth’s form. When they recede, break or get loose, your facial structure also changes. You may notice that those with fewer teeth due to tooth grinding and other conditions have looser skin that looks droopy. Because there’s less support for the skin to hang on to, the mouth tends to drop, making you look older than you really are.

These are just some of the ways that great teeth take years off of your face. Invest in healthy pearly whites and look younger, longer. 

Stained Teeth Do More Than Change Your Appearance

Dental CareImagine you are on a date with a person who is about to ask you to become their significant other. What would you do if they withdrew their offer after noticing — strangely enough, for the first time — your stained teeth? You would probably have a hard time recovering from the experience, to the point that you would not want to show your face—particularly your teeth — ever again.

The state of your teeth does not only change your appearance. Harley Street Dental Clinic says fantastic smiles make a huge difference to how people look and feel. Therefore, teeth discolouration may affect your attitude and opportunities in life.

Less confidence

If you are conscious of the way you look, you will be more conscious when you have stained teeth. You may have a hard time dealing with others since teeth are the first thing people notice. Other studies even suggest that bad teeth are the reason most Brits do not smile or grin.

Less motivation

When you have good teeth, you tend to have a compelling reason to take care of your oral health. A 2008 study published in the Journal of Consumer Research revealed that an attractive smile is the best motivator for working harder to improve overall oral hygiene.

The opposite may be true, as well. People who have stained teeth, combined with lack of access to dental care, are less likely motivated to take care of their teeth.

Fewer opportunities

If you have stained teeth, you might have fewer opportunities in love and career. A survey by researchers from the universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire showed that females with yellow teeth were unpopular and those with widely spaced teeth less attractive. Researchers note that men look at women’s teeth to judge their age and determine how far they are from menopause.

In addition, some employers would base their impressions of applicants based on the state of their teeth. Those with yellow teeth may give off the impression of laziness or poor health, thus reducing their chances of landing a job or getting a promotion. Jobs requiring a nice smile would be inaccessible if you have teeth stains, as well.

Having white teeth does not just make you look good — it makes you feel good too. Teeth discolouration changes more than your appearance but the way you look and take care of your oral health. It may take a toll on your career and love life, as well.