Common Issues in Your Workplace: Is there Really Freedom of Speech in Social Media?

Social Media in ChristchurchNot a week passes that an office management does not get complaints about an employee’s comments on social media sites. The employees usually defend their manner by saying that they were not at the workplace when they posted that or that they have the freedom to do so. However, is this justification valid even when you get the assistance of employment dispute services?

The Right to Free Speech

Just late last year, the New Zealand government passed the new Harmful Digital Communication act targeting online bullying. The government wanted to address negative online commentaries despite the upheaval this proclamation brought. The public now sees it as a violation of their ‘freedom of speech’. Nevertheless, the Parliament explained that this would lower the amount of youth suicide caused by cyberbullying.

The Application of the Law in Workspaces

Social Baker, a social media monitoring company, calculates that roughly 2,279,540 Kiwis are on Facebook. Mostly every adult Kiwi is using this medium that usually intertwines their professional and personal identities – and this is where the issue kicks in. This is why most lawyers suggest keeping your professional and private life separate for the problem starts when their colleagues are their ‘friends’. The issue might not directly relate to the law, but it still affects your work, nevertheless.

Legal problems occur when an individual remarks anything work-related on their personal page and forgets that they are friends with their coworkers. It can vary from an employee calling customers ‘a basket case’ or a staff commenting about his boss’ ‘useless presence’.

Moreover, sharing information about your life outside work can put you in jeopardy and you might risk your colleagues’ confidence in you. For instance, if you post too much of your binge drinking and work as a driver, your workmates might not see you fit for your job and report you.

The employer can easily prevent such issues from happening by revisiting their company policy and implementing a more detailed program. A constant reminder to the employees can also benefit both parties to prevent any disputes from happening.

3 Effective Ways to a More Exciting Event

Memorable EventThe advent of technology has made it easier for event planners to organize, set-up and market events. Google forms and invitations, Facebook Event invites, and even customized paperless invitations hosted on personal websites are just some of the ways to get the message across to possible attendees of any event. The goal for event organizers now is to stand out and make the event unique, fun, and memorable.

These are some ways you can spice things up on your next event:

  1. Make your event interactive – Gone are the days when the audience plays a passive role in most events. Let your guests participate by inventing a big group activity. Putting a blank wall canvas or a freedom wall for the guests to design is a sure hit. Use face paint, neon and glow-in-the-dark markers to fill up the venue with all the beautiful creations they can come up with. They say give children a box of crayons and they will color the world, well give adults free reign over colors and they will do the same. It will be fun and will help your guests socialize as well.
  2. Be Instagram-worthy – Social media is a huge part of any experience these days. Make your event Instagram-worthy and get creative with design and production.
  3. Play with colors – Use color powder as much as possible. People would like to get messy with bright, vibrant colors. Your guests will enjoy posing for some Instagram posts and Snaps, and you will get free mileage for your event. There are reliable retailers of color powder around, and you can make it a staple of your events. Hype up any event by literally putting a dash or two of color.
  4. Be creative – Do not let your guests forget you. Look for creative ways to make the event more memorable – a beautiful bracelet, crazy party hat, or polaroid shots with customized frames, these are just some of the items you can give away to make sure you leave a wonderful impression on your guests. Not only will they have something to remember you by, they are more likely to come back for more freebies on your next event as well.

Social media has made marketing easier for event organizers. It’s time to go out of the box for an exciting, fun, and memorable event your guests would want to go to.

Pushing Your Social Media Strategies to the Limit

Social media is a powerful tool that can take your business to a whole new social medialevel. Some companies, however, fail to use it wisely. Dive into the social media pool stronger than ever through the following points.

Identify the Need

There are many reasons why businesses optimize social media strategies; some do it for awareness, while others do it for sales. A number, on the other hand, do it to increase customer loyalty and retention. Whatever reason it may be, it is important that you identify it immediately.

Know Your Customers

An effective social media strategy is all about targeting the right people at the right time. Know your customers and characterize them appropriately. According to an agency specializing in SEO from Minneapolis, there are many ways to do this such as looking into your product and/or service or initiating a focus group discussion. A look at your business’ long-term goals is also advisable.

Check the Competition

At this day and age, competition is high online. Your competitors, however, can tell you about what works and what doesn’t—they can also give you a bunch of marketing strategies intended for your market. Research competitors by taking a look at their cultural references, gimmicks, and online updates.

Choose Your Social Channels

This step may be difficult, especially if you’re targeting a strict, hard-to-please audience. For example, you can’t use Instagram if your market consists of business executives that rarely visit the platform; LinkedIn is a good choice for that. Know which social media sites suit your business and gradually build a buzz for your brand.

Create a Content Plan

After working on the steps above, it’s time to bring your ideas online. Do this by creating a strong content plan that aligns with your overall research and needs. Develop a schedule and utilize different media such as videos, articles, and infographics, among many others. Make your presence felt online on a regular basis.

Social Media is a tough nut to crack but when you do it, you’ll continue to thrive online. Strengthen your social media strategies and be consistent with it.