Adult Playground 2016 in Sentosa: Live, Love and Play

SentosaAdults need some playtime too — more so in fact to combat the daily stresses of work and home life. If you’re in Singapore and ready to play, prepare yourself for Sentosa Island’s Adult Playground, happening sometime this 2016.

What’s Adult Playground All About

The first Adult Playground event took place last 2014 at Siloso Beach. It was the first and most massive adult playground anywhere in the world. The groundbreaking and event featured more than 22 exciting and untraditional sporting games, the country’s culinary greats, and musical performances by The Sam Willows, Jack and Rai, and many others.

Highlights of the last Adult Playground included Bubble Soccer, where participants outfitted in inflatable, squishy donuts fought each other head-on, Archery Tag, a paintball slash dodgeball game with elements of archery, and the Human Foosball — foosball with real, human players! There was also the Mega Bounce, a trampoline-assisted bungee that enabled brave souls to leap up to 20 feet in the air, Gladiator, where participants got to joust safely (minus the bloodshed), and Dunk Tank — hit the target to dunk your opponent.

Other Things to Know About Adult Playground

If you want to save some cash, early bird tickets will be available roughly three months on the 2016 schedule, which is slated to be around the last quarter of the year. Tickets cover all playground activities, which will be open from 9am to 7pm, with music playing the whole day. You have to be 22 years old and above to enter the playground since alcohol will be available. You’re also not permitted to bring in drinks and food.

If you’re worried that you’re not as physically fit as the other adults who’ll be participating — don’t. The activities are all done in the spirit of fun and camaraderie so you won’t have to train yourself just to participate in the festivities. And, as all outdoor Singapore events go, expect the sun to shine full force, but prepare for rain as well — slather on sunscreen, bring your swimming essentials, a change of clothes, and don’t forget to bring your game face on!

Attractions in Sentosa for Less than 40 SGD

Travel in SingaporeWhen you have a day to spend in Singapore, where would you go? Would you go sightseeing? Would you prefer a photo walk? Or, maybe, you’d have fun hanging out in theme parks? In Sentosa, you can do all these as it is a playground, a cultural hotspot, and an interesting outdoor and entertainment hub rolled into one.

Activities for a solo traveller

For a solo traveller, there are sightseeing activities you can do for less than 40 SGD. For 38 SGD you can visit the world’s largest aquarium. Discover the world of nearly 800 marine organisms through large glass panels.

You may also see dolphins and other marine species up close and watch them perform through the Underwater World & Dolphin Lagoon. For 29 SGD, you can do that and more like feeding sharks and manta rays.

If you want to test your skill in capturing 2-D and 3-D images, there is the Trick Eye museum at 25 SGD. There you can immerse in the world of illusion, get creative and have as much fun as the art installations on the walls, floors and ceilings already are.

There is also a way to enjoy sightseeing from up above through Singapore Cable Car. For 29 SGD, get an aerial view of Sentosa and the cityscapes as it traverses the line from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island.

Take a Leisurely Walk to Sentosa

Sentosa can also be reached on foot through Sentosa boardwalk. Visitors can take a leisurely walk and take snapshots along the way before reaching Sentosa, where restaurants offering local and international cuisine, water adventure facilities, museums and art centres and nature parks can be found and enjoy besides theme parks. You could also do your shopping at the Sentosa Store.

Booking your preferred activities in advance will help you maximise your time and prepare based on your itinerary. Online booking facilities can help you get the most out of your day tour by helping you tailor your itinerary depending on your preferred activities, budget, and your companions. Other perks like discount deals can also be availed through these service providers. You can entrust it to one booking facility in Singapore.