Get the Most Out of Being a SAF Volunteer

Soldiers in FormationVolunteering for the Singapore Armed Forces is a noble way to show love for your country. However, becoming one of the SAF women who provide assistance in the fulfillment of national defense is not an easy job.

You will be required to undergo rigorous physical combat training, not unlike the training that our soldiers go through. And you will be asked to leave your home and your normal life behind for a certain period to fulfill your duties as SAF volunteer.

Before you sign up to become a volunteer, you need to make sure you are mentally and emotionally prepared for the rigors of volunteering for the SAF.

Be Honest with Yourself

Can you truly commit your time and skills for free for the required duration of time? It’s easy to fall prey to that initial rush of excitement if you’re volunteering for the first time, but what happens when the excitement fades? Be honest about how much you can truly commit before signing up.

Know What You Want to Get Out of It

Yes, volunteering is about giving, but you never really experience something without getting anything out of it. By knowing exactly what you want to get out of volunteering for the SAF women, you are in a better place to choose which area of the armed forces you want to support and what role you wish to take on.

Know What You Can Give

Don’t make the mistake of simply throwing yourself in without knowing what you can offer to the armed forces. The SAF needs the assistance of professionals working in various sectors, from doctors and nurses to engineers and events publicists. Know what you can offer before deciding to volunteer.

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun. Volunteering is its own reward. It is not an obligation to the country you must fulfil or a chore you have to put up with. You should feel a sense of satisfaction by selflessly giving your time, skills and resources as a volunteer.

What Professional Carpet Cleaners can Do

Carpet CleaningIf you are considering doing a spring cleaning of your home, then you will need to clean the carpets as well. So choose good carpet cleaning services to ensure that the cleaning is done properly. Carpet cleaning services in Salt Lake City will also provide you with tips as to how you can make your carpets last longer.

How Carpets are Cleaned

Some of the common methods of cleaning carpets and their advantages are as follows:

  • Hot water extraction: This system of cleaning carpets is used for wall to wall carpets like in offices. Here a jet of hot water is sprayed to agitate the carpet fibres and the dirt is removed by ‘rinsing’ the carpet. It normally takes at least 4 hours for carpets cleaned by hot water to dry up.
  • Shampooing carpets: This is ideal for smaller carpets. In this process the carpets are cleaned with the help of wet foam. The advantage of this process of cleaning is that even very dirty and soiled carpets can be cleaned thoroughly. However, the carpets take longer to dry completely. According to AAA Restoration, if your carpet cleaning services Salt Lake City company uses the shampooing process, ensure that your carpet is completely dry before you use it.
  • Encapsulation: In this process the detergent and foam are used to capture the dirt particles and crystallize them. This makes it easier to remove the dust particles and clean the carpet. It is the fastest method of cleaning a carpet.
  • Bonnet cleaning: This is ideal to remove the dirt on the surface of the carpets. So if your carpets are not very dirty, you can consider using this process to clean the carpets.

So choose to clean your carpets based on how dirty it is. Also carpet cleaning is expensive, hence, you must evaluate the processes and their utilities before you choose a particular process.