The Lesser-Known Cause of Clogged Plumbing

Plumber unclogging and repairing pipesClogged plumbing drains and pipes don’t just cause nuisances in your household and delays in your day to day tasks. They can also lead to serious property damage that can cost you a lot of money.

There are plenty of reasons behind these issues, and in most cases, improper use of the plumbing system, such as flushing various items down the toilet, is the main culprit. However, many consumers are unaware that trees can also cause these plumbing malfunctions.

The role trees play

When tree roots make their way to wrap around sewer pipes, they can literally “choke” these parts of the plumbing system, causing them to malfunction. They can go around and squeeze so tightly to the point that sewage water can no longer pass through. This can quickly worsen when the water has solid objects in it. This is where a Salt Lake City, Utah rooter service comes into play.

Rooters: Getting down to the root of the problem

It is important that your plumbing system undergoes routine drain cleaning services, since small objects, plus oil or grease that has solidified, will inevitably accumulate inside the drains over time. However, when the cause of the clogged pipes is tree roots, removing the blockages require the use of a specialized machine: a rooter.

With this device, the plumbing specialist can get rid of not just the typical trash inside the pipes, but also the tree roots causing the clogging in your plumbing system. A rooting service tackles the cause of the issue and not just the symptoms that come with it.

Root-clogged pipes will cause bigger damages and get more expensive over time. Don’t think for one second that you can just wait for the water to drain out eventually. Contact a rooter service as soon as possible.

The Surprising Things You Find in the Sewers

PlumbingAside from filth, foul smells, contaminated water, and the Ninja Turtles, the sewers aren’t really the place to give you things like valuable metals. So, isn’t it news to find out how the U.S. Geological Survey reveals that there are gold and a variety of metals to be discovered in the sewers? A report from the 249th National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society in Denver reveals these claims.

Before going out of your way to becoming a treasure hunter, be sure to note how these bits of gold and other metals are microscopic in size. Going through pipelines and sewage systems, plumbers in Denver might strike the same luck as other plumbing specialists.

Denver Sewers Yield Precious Metals

Although these precious metals are nearly invisible, as they’re even less the width of a single strand of hair, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, and zinc do appear in these sewers. Kathleen Smith, a U.S. Geological Survey geochemist, says how she discovered the particles in treated solid waste in eight wastewater plants, some in Colorado.

Smith is clueless, however, as to where the valuable particles come from. It isn’t just human discharge that goes down into sewage systems — there are a bunch of things flushed down the toilet. She claims that these may come from personal care products such as cosmetics. A study from Arizona State also claims how the combined worth of the metals flushed down the toilets by a million Americans amount to $13 million.

Scientists are determined in making the most of the situation. They acknowledge how this discovery is the first step. Figuring out how to recover these metals in a useful form comes next.

Lucky and Honest Plumbers

In Calgary, two plumbers, Babul and Materi, are astonished as they discover a gold brick as they work on renovating a bathroom. After researching, they believe that the brick they found underneath a tub amounted to $50,000. With this information, they contacted the homeowner who acknowledged ownership of the gold brick. Among other things, they had also unearthed rare Daredevil comics on a previous job.

Emergency or Routine Plumbing? Either Way, It Must Fix Your Drain

PlumbingYou can’t always tell when your drain’s going to clog and when your pipes are going to leak. One day, you may find that your flush doesn’t work, or the water doesn’t go down the sink. How do you deal with these emergencies?

There’s no shortage of people who can help unclog your drain. Just ask Fallon Solutions. Here are a few things about them:

You Call Plumbing Services, Of Course

It’s a no-brainer; get on the phone and call a team of professional plumbers. In case you need convincing, there are over 50,000 individuals who work in Australia’s plumbing industry, and most of them are qualified tradespeople.

Though you may want to do the unclogging to save a few dollars, several DIY repairs don’t turn out well, which defeats the purpose. So, it’s better to leave the job to capable hands.

Routine or Emergency Plumbing Services

When hiring licensed plumbers, there are two types of services you can get: routine and emergency. The difference lies mostly on when they can attend to you.

Routine plumbing services are the ones you can book ahead of time and schedule a job with. If you think that your pipes are showing early signs of damage, you call for them to give a thorough check and do necessary repairs.

If you need to keep your drains from flooding your house in the middle of the night, you call emergency services. Because of the round-the-clock nature of the work, emergency services tend to be pricier than routine ones. But, at least you can have peace of mind knowing that someone will help you when your pipes burst, any time of the day.

All plumbing services offer scheduled repairs and checks, but not all of them are open 24 hours. When choosing a plumber, it’s smart to look for one that does both. But, regardless of which one you need at the moment, it has to fix your drain for you.