Why Visual Content is a Marketing Must-Have

Why Visual Content is a Marketing Must-HaveIn today’s extremely socially connected world, you have plenty of marketing strategies to select from and use to expand the reach of your business. One such technique that you will find invaluable is the use of visual content.

How are visuals in marketing campaigns today

Nowadays, experts consider visuals as must-haves in any marketing strategy. You can use visual content to market yourself, your products or your services on Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram –any form of social media platform. With regular uploads of interesting and attention-grabbing visuals, digital marketing expert made4media explains that you can increase traffic not only to your social media assets, but to your primary website and brick-and-mortar location, too.

Engaging your following with impressively-designed graphics

Combine aesthetically appealing graphics with useful information, and you can expect enhanced engagement from your followers. With greater engagement comes improved brand visibility, which in turn, puts your business nearer the spotlight.

Greater chances for brand and message recall

Regardless of the regularity or the great number of posts you have on your social media accounts, as long as they do not deliver what readers look for, they are of no use to you. They will not help you instill brand recall nor help consumers remember your message. In other words, they are useless. Always keep in mind that with so many pieces of information available online, people will forget those that they do not find helpful or relevant.

A great way to avoid this problem is to present facts in an easy-to-digest and manner – through the use of attractive and interesting visuals. Studies reveal that the brain takes less time to process images than simple text, resulting in the retention of more information.

With the expertise of a qualified marketing agency, you can achieve all these goals for your business. Their marketing experts will develop a marketing plan best suited for your business.

Emerging Trends and Projections for the Future in SEO

SEOMost people inevitably are familiar with SEO. For those who are not, SEO basically is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. This is an important part of online business. As it is always changing, the way traffic is captured by businesses undergoes constant change. The current market status of SEO is something that is being investigated a lot, as more and more people realize its value.

How SEO functions, what its implications are, and how SEO affects the future of various websites are factors you cannot discount. Like with various industries, SEO has several big players. This includes people from various disciplines, such freelance writers, web designers, and digital agencies. As PR Caffeine explains, the reason for getting into SEO is because it is a tangible advantage, and one that many companies can work to get when it comes to their business.

Apart from economic gains and profits, people also get into SEO for other reasons. Depending on the skills of people and base on the amount of effort put into harnessing profits, the evolution and the progress of this industry look promising. People report earnings from $30,000 to over $500,000 for larger companies. Thus, the figures certainly indicate that this is an industry that is flourishing. The entry of new talent, as well as newbies, is continually transforming the kinds of prices and turnover existent in the industry.

From the statistics, several concerns are still present. There are a large number of people who serve as middlemen to gather the larger amount of profits, while those in the lower strata often do much of the content for low rates. This compromises the quality of work which can be expected over time. Companies can resolve this by hiring the right agency to work on their campaigns amid the trends of the industry.

SEO Marketing Companies – Getting Experts for Your Business

SEOCompanies have to constantly look for ways to keep customers engaged. Whether it is with a great content or a good marketing plan, SEO companies may just have the answers. Here are a few things to look for in an SEO company that can get your brand in the right direction.

Accreditation: A good SEO firm will align with organizations that offer credibility like the Better Business Bureau, Chambers of Commerce and others. Check out the team profile as well – this will help you find the right Minnesota SEO company to help you get the necessary exposure online.

Strong foundation in technology: Ever since Google and other search engines have started ranking pages, reports show that good content, backlinks and other factors play an important role. SEO companies which have a strong foundation in technical issues will be able to help you get the best website too. They will make sure that your site is optimized with structured data, titles, meta-descriptions, page download speeds and even with mobile platform friendly page designs.

Great content: All said and done, great content is the way to stay relevant. A good Minnesota SEO company will have a great content team, which will manage your pages and provide rich content with graphics, videos and even photographs so that customers not only return but also recommend your company to others.  According to Prcaffeine.com, an SEO company based in Minnesota, you should have an informative, compelling, helpful, and entertaining content.

Certified in Analytics: It is very important that the company has an expert in Google Analytics. They will be able to use the tools available to help you change direction as needed and strengthen areas which are generating new business.

Social Media marketing: SEO is no longer just about your site – social media marketing is important as well. Having good posts on important events is essential. The landscape is changing so fast that if you don’t keep up, you may lose your market share.

SEO companies which tap the pulse of the marketplace will be able to serve you well.

Why Your Website Needs Videos for Marketing

video marketingThese days, it’s all about quick access and fast transactions. In advertising and content consumption, these concepts hold truest. Statistics show that posts with videos are visited three times more with consumers wanting information served to them in one quick dish compared to long winding texts.

Your potential clients are more likely to pay attention to a page with a well-constructed video than a well-researched wall of text.

Staying in the Competition

More businesses are cutting the competition by incorporating videos in their websites. Websites with professionally made videos crafted by advertising agencies in Sydney enjoy exponentially rising click rates and even higher patronage, hatmedia.com.au says. In a few years’ time, videos will be the main channel for trade and marketing. Strike while it’s hot and gain momentum before it becomes the norm.

Service Information in a Snap

Technology has bred an impatient generation of consumers. Consumers demand instant access to information the moment they need it. Gone are the days of long and flowery introductions: fast service is the name of the game.

Present a wall of text and your potential clients are more likely to hit the back button than scroll through it. Imagine months of research and writing down the drain in an instant. Compare that to the quality that professionally made videos by advertising agencies in Sydney can provide you. It’s convenient, straight to the point and will appeal to your target market best.

Think Mobile

This is the age of multi-tasking and complete accessibility amidst mobility. Cater to the needs and the lifestyle of your consumers: think mobile. Consumers access websites through mobile now. Videos are more convenient and will grasp the attention of your potential consumers better.

YouTube: Now and Tomorrow

The third biggest search platform to date is YouTube. People now turn to YouTube for information, reviews and other pieces of information. Before buying products online or visiting places, consumers search them up on YouTube to confirm its quality based on the reviews of uploaders. Take advantage of this platform.

Video is not the future of marketing – it is the now. Stay in the competition by keeping your website and your brand accessible and relevant. Take advantage of the power of videos and start optimising your site.

The Influential Generation: Getting Millennial Marketing Right

Millennial MarketingCompanies may see Millennial marketing as a waste of time. After all, these people are not the CEOs and key decision makers of most companies.

They are, however, the buzz generators of our time. In fact, the best SEO programs and viral marketing campaigns of today focus on creating strategies that draw them in and get them talking.

The Trillion-Dollar Demographic

In the United States alone, Millennials make up a trillion-dollar demographic. They are a massive generation in terms of size, accounting to about 80 million people in the US. They have an annual buying power of $200 billion as well, which means they are the most lucrative market.

So the rule for businesses is plain and simple: Make Generation Y a priority (or at least work to understand what drives them), to get money flowing and to remain on top of the competition.

The Lowdown on Generation Y

First, let’s take a step back and examine this generation. They are the individuals born between 1980 and 2000, and have been referred to as the generation that’s “always connected”, particularly because of their close relationship with technology.

Their generation is powerful, as their values have been justified by significant events like the Great Recession and the election of the first African-American president, Barack Obama.

Millennial Marketing

Another thing that justifies the domination of Millennials is the fact that this new marketing style isn’t just a fad. It’s a marketing style that will likely stay for generations to come.

Now, to market to this generation effectively, there are some important tactics to use. One of them is speaking the language of Gen Y-ers; these people will instantly perk up when reading or hearing words that could have come from the mouths of their peers.

Also, Millennials trust what they feel is authentic; they support businesses dedicated to improving customers’ lives with accurate and informative content as well. This means it’s important for businesses to make sure the content they published is based on facts.

Gen Y-ers demand personalized marketing as well, and they don’t trust traditional advertising anymore.

So start empowering this generation with things they’re looking for; with your marketing efforts, remind them that because of their generation, the road ahead is looking brighter.

Comprehensive Tips to Further Improve Your PPC Ads on Google AdWords

pay per clickGoogle AdWords is undeniably one of (if not) the best platforms for pay per click or PPC advertising. That’s why if you want your PPC ads to be as successful as possible, you need to know how to optimize them properly and consistently.

Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Set an Objective

Before running a PPC campaign on AdWords, C1 Partners says you must first choose your main marketing objective for it. Here are some of the best choices:

  • To build awareness – advisable for companies that want to expand to a different demographics or location or brands that are not yet well-established or well-known
  • To encourage deliberation – preferable for companies that know their products and services have a slight edge over the competition and want their target customers to know this as well
  • To drive sales – recommended if you seek to remarket an offer that customers already showed interest in, but didn’t confirm purchase yet
Master the Script

Scripts will definitely save your life when you need to complete repetitive tasks. Every AdWords activity has a certain script, you just have to know how to use them. Here are some of the most important:

  • Check for Anomalies – sends you an email to inform you about underperforming campaigns
  • Search Query Report – sorts your keyword phrases based on their effectiveness in triggering ads
  • Flexible Budgets – allows you to assign different amounts for your campaigns every day (useful for ads that naturally perform better on specific days)
  • Key Performance and Campaign Report – sends you an email containing Excel sheets of weekly or monthly key performance and campaign reports
  • Quality Score Storage – stores your campaign, account, and ad group quality scores

Keep these tips in mind to create a perfect approach and make the most out of your pay per click advertisements in Google Adwords.

Going Mobile for SEO Rankings: What You Can Expect

seoMore and more people are now using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, more than desktops and laptops when looking for information. This prompted Google to update its algorithm and standards to reward websites that keep their mobile users in mind.

Google began mobile-friendly changes when they saw that over half of search traffic came from mobile devices, but the search results didn’t lead to mobile-friendly sites. As a user, this is frustrating. For your business website to thrive, you need to work with an SEO company to effectively cater to this audience.

Here are three ways to make your website viewable on different platforms:

Mobile-Only Site

A mobile-only site is a website specifically designed to provide optimum viewing experience in mobile devices. This is tricky and takes a lot of work because you’ll need to maintain and update both your regular and mobile-only websites. This format is only advantageous to use for web-based mobile apps.

Responsive Site

A responsive site is probably the most popular because it adjusts the layout depending on the size of the user’s screen. This type of site has a quick loading time. But, you must be careful when designing the website. As the site responds to the screen size, you don’t have full control of its layout.

Adaptive Site

An adaptive site uses different layouts for different screen sizes. This usually includes one of each for phones, tablets and desktops. This enables you to maintain just one website, yet gives you full control on how it looks. As phones, tablets and desktops all have different screen sizes depending on the model, there’s no assurance that the site will render suitably on each screen.

A mobile-friendly website will not only make it rank high on SERPs, but will also help you earn the approval of your visitors. Choose between the three best options above to start getting more traffic.