Preparing for a Date with Someone Who might Be “The One”

Dating Tips In LafayetteWhen you have a particularly good feeling about a person you are dating and want to maintain their interest, dressing well and showing up on time are a good place to start. That in itself, however, is not enough. You need to step up your efforts by showing confidence and sincerity — and what’s a better way to do that than by giving them a genuine smile and paying attention to the details?

A Warm, Gorgeous Smile

Appearance is not everything, but it is a huge factor in most people’s self-confidence — the kind of confidence that affects how you interact with and smile at people. With cosmetic dentistry, you can enhance or transform your smile into one that brightly conveys what you feel.

Whether you want to correct those crooked teeth or make them whiter, a visit to the dentist will be as beneficial for your own health as it is for your confidence when on a date with someone who might be The One.

An Itinerary for the Day

It’s 2016, so disregard any unwritten rule determining who should pick the place or pay the bill during a date. You should focus on showing your thoughtfulness instead by asking yourself questions about your possible The One: Is there a fearless restaurant along Lafayette that they want to try? and Are they interested in hiking or biking? are but some things that could help you out when you plan a date itinerary. It will also show that you pay attention to their interests and genuinely want them to have a good time when you are together.

A person you feel good around deserves your genuine smile and undivided attention. It doesn’t mean, of course, that you should show them only the best parts of yourself. After all, how will your relationship work out if you hide your less appealing opinions and behaviors?

Be confident yet genuine. Come up with something you think they would enjoy, but pay attention to their interests too. Who knows? They might turn out to actually be The One.

Exploring the smile makeover: so many ways a cosmetic dentist can improve a smile

Perfect SmileTake a look, if you will, in the mirror. When you smile, are you happy with what you see? Approximately one in four adults in the UK are unhappy with their smile’s appearance, and in some cases this can have a negative effect on self-esteem, confidence, and even interactions with other people.

Look at your smile; what do you like or dislike about it? If there is something about your current smile that is making you unhappy, cosmetic dentistry could offer you the perfect solution. More people than ever before are reaping the benefits cosmetic dental treatment can provide.

The first thing to do is to establish what the perfect smile is to you. Is it beautifully aligned, straight teeth? Do you think your smile would be more like your ideal if your teeth were brighter or whiter, or if you had less gum tissue and more of your actual teeth on show?

Everybody’s idea of a perfect smile is different, but thanks to the increasing availability of cosmetic dentistry across the UK it is now easier than ever to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamt of – often with just a few appointments with a dentist.

PDC Dental in Barnsley offers smile makeover consultations with a cosmetic dentist, designed to find the perfect smile just for you. Smile makeovers cover a huge variety of treatments, both large and small. Some of the treatments patients often go for include:

Porcelain veneers – Requiring minimal preparatory work on your teeth, veneers are thin porcelain shells applied to the front surfaces of the front teeth to improve their appearance. They can improve mildly cracked or chipped teeth, and those that are permanently discoloured. A full set of veneers can also be used to correct mild alignment and spacing issues.

Teeth whitening – One of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments around, when carried out by a qualified dentist (or a hygienist/hygiene therapist on the prescription of a dentist) this is a safe, reliable, and quick way to brighten up your smile. Dental bleaching gel is used to get rid of everyday stains such as those caused by smoking, tea, or coffee. 

Lessons from Antiquity: Why Romans Had Excellent Teeth

Tooth DecayIn a study, scientists examined the remains of 30 Roman men, women and children killed during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii in AD 47. The CAT scan results reveal that the teeth of ancient Romans were in better condition than those of people today. Conducted by an expert team of Italian archaeologists, orthodontists, anthropologists and radiologists, this remarkable discovery will broaden people’s understanding of the Roman world.

After months of research, the project team concluded that Romans had better teeth because of their low-sugar, fibre-rich Mediterranean diet. Because their diet was free of refined sugar, their teeth remained in excellent condition. They did not have toothpaste and toothbrushes then, but very few of them suffered from cavities, as evidenced in the CAT scans. Even children, who are quite susceptible to tooth decay or dental caries, showed remarkable oral health.  

Researchers also found that many of the casualties had severe cranial injuries due to falling debris, as structures collapsed over them. What was more fascinating about the discoveries, however, is the one that concerns the dietary habits of Romans. It makes people wonder about the food politics of ancient Rome.

The bones of the victims also showed deterioration, which researchers attributed to high levels of fluoride found in Pompeii’s public supply. It was only in the early 1700s that excavations began in Pompeii, and since then, many fascinating remnants of the Roman world resurfaced.

While excavations continue in Pompeii, dental practitioners and researchers have taken an interest in the Mediterranean diet. The orthodontist involved in the study, Elisa Vanacore, confirms that Pompeiians and ancient Romans, in general, had healthier, stronger teeth and lived longer because their diet contained few sugars and was high in fruits and vegetables.

In Roman antiquity, there was hardly any need for dental treatments. According to Garden View Dental Care, tooth decay and other sugar-related problems such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease only emerged in the Industrial age, following the establishment of sugar plantations and mass production of refined sugar.

With sugar now maintained as a valuable commodity worldwide, there’s no wonder why the most prevalent and expensive of all preventable diseases are tooth decay, diabetes, and CVD. The researchers involved in the study hopes that their discoveries will aid dental practitioners and authorities in forwarding the importance of nutrition in preventative oral care.