Arts, Crafts, Music & More: Fun Activities for Child Development

Child DevelopmentIt seems as if it was only yesterday when you held your baby in your arms for the first time and now, they have grown into an active and playful toddler. A child’s early years are important in enhancing their development, according to James Cook University Singapore and other educational institutions. That’s why more parents are choosing early childhood education programs in helping them raise their children properly.

Highly qualified educators will monitor and help your children’s overall development — cognitive, language, physical, motor and social skills — to make them ready for school and the society. These programs usually offer a range of activities, which will both enhance and be enjoyed by your children. Here are some examples:

  1. Arts and crafts

Research shows that exposure to art during early years have a positive effect on child development by increasing the brain’s capacity. This research strengthens the fact that arts and crafts will not only develop your child’s creativity and imagination, but also engages multi-sensory skills.

  1. Music

Music is a powerful tool in child development. By listening to music, your children will learn how to dance, sing, and play instruments. These help children enhance numerous skills, such as language, thinking, and motor skills. In addition, music also helps them process and understand emotions.

  1. Gardening

Gardening is a new activity introduced in early childhood education programs and is highly promoted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This activity helps your children become responsible in taking care of living plants and to marvel about the science of cause and effect while instilling love and care for nature.

Other highly enjoyable activities are also offered by these programs such as playtime, storytelling, reading and role-playing. So consider signing up your children to help them have a bright and promising future.

Find the Right Primary School in Dubai for Your Children

Primary School in DubaiIf you’re a parent and an expatriate who’s new to the UAE school system, finding the right primary school in Dubai is not easy. There are a lot of schools catering to expatriates living in the country, so singling out the best school can be intimidating.

You can opt to enroll your child in a private school based on your nationality, or in an international co-ed school. There are many options to choose from. Here are some tips from the experts on how you can choose the right primary school for your child.

Choose Your Preferred Curriculum

According to Peter Davos, a leading US school admission specialist in the Middle East, parents should look at the curriculum offered in the country. You may be looking at American or British systems, but it may not suit your child’s interests and academic needs.

An International Baccalaureate (IB) on the other hand, can be considered. This is because a number of international schools in Dubai have started to offer it. It has a rigorous academic program that your child may find challenging, but rewarding. It can help your child develop research and writing skills needed for college.

Check the School’s Rating

To check the rating of the school you’re eyeing, you can look into Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). This institution performs reviews and inspections of schools within and around the city. Findings of their inspections are published in an annual report. You can check it out at their website.

Consider the Yearly Cost

While costs vary, depending on the school’s location and curriculum, it does not indicate the quality of education the school provides.

The right way of considering the yearly cost of tuition fees of a school, according to Davos, is by looking at the percentage of students who get high or passing scores in internationally recognized exams. For example, you can check out if a school has a high percentage of students who pass in American AP tests, A levels, IB scores, or Indian boards.

You can always talk to your friends about where they send their children to school. However, nothing beats knowledge. When looking for a primary school in Dubai, you should do more research and don’t forget to check out KHDA reports.

3 Skills Your Kids Should Learn Early On

Child’s Development in ArizonaFirst-time parents should know that their role is important for their child’s development, as they are practically the first teachers of their little ones. It’s important to teach them essential skills, lessons, and proper conduct early on, so they could practice them. Here are some things you should teach your child to make them better and wiser as they grow up.

Taking Care of Their Hygiene

Introduce your kid to the concept of taking care of their hygiene. This can be as simple as combing their hair, washing their face first thing in the morning, dressing appropriately in front of others, and brushing their teeth after every meal. You can also bring them along when you’re visiting your trusted dentist to prevent them from developing fear of the dentist. and other dental professionals added that this is for them to learn about the importance of oral health care. All these are important in the long run, so why not start early?


Kids that read early have the privilege to enjoy neurological, psychological, social, educational, and linguistic benefits. Simple activities like talking, reading, and singing to your child can strengthen their brain cells and form new links. The earlier your child learns how to read, the earlier they can pick up information and knowledge about more things.

Social Skills

Kids can learn social skills simply by observing, so being a good example is the first thing you need to do. You must also consciously teach them social readiness, so they could be prepared once you send them to preschool. Some social skills they need to learn include playing with others, sharing, table manners, saying please and thank you, greeting people, and showing respect to the elderly.

These are only some of the many things you can teach your child to prepare them for more things as they grow older. With proper guidance, they can be better people even if they are only a few years old.