Empathy is the Secret to a Successful Brick and Mortar Retail Business

Girl sales personnel providing good service to a customerThere is a so-called “mall apocalypse” in America today. It refers to the closing of large regional malls because of their drastically reduced foot traffic and sales that keep them from being as profitable as they used to. This phenomenon is due to the rise of e-commerce businesses. According to analysts, however, there are still aspects that brick and mortar businesses can do better than online stores and businesses: fostering relationships. How exactly do you achieve this, though?

A Feeling of Community

The feel of familiarity when walking in a store can go a long way, especially if you’re a shop selling handmade goods with a unique story or if you’re already a regular customer of a neighborhood business. This sense of community is just something that online retailers cannot establish.

A Fun Experience Throughout

Customers today have a different attitude towards buying. When walking into your store, they will usually look at their phones to compare your products or services to what your competitors are offering. It is vital, therefore, to offer a happy experience, so it gives them a reason to choose your product instead of the competition or simply buying what they want online. Thefriedmangroup.com is active in helping businesses achieve just that. Their courses teach managers how to lead and cultivate a genuine sales and service culture.

A Matter of Empathy

Brick and mortar retail stores simply can’t afford to provide bad customer service. Their employees should always be proactive in assisting customers and finding solutions to their concerns and problems. If a store’s employees don’t care, or even project their bad days onto customers, it gives shoppers no reason to build a lasting relationship with the store.

Human interaction and connection are what sets brick and mortar businesses apart from e-commerce stores. Make sure to provide each customer that walks in your store genuine service, and you’ll reap the benefits later.

Most Powerful Women in Business

A businesswoman smiling during a meeting Who runs the (business) world? Girls! The National Association of Women Business Owners revealed women owned almost 10 million companies in the United States. These firms employed 7.9 million people and earned more than a trillion dollars in 2015.

Meanwhile, 4.2 percent of women-owned businesses make at least a million dollars annually. You can be the boss too, and if you’re looking for inspiration to succeed in what many still call a “man’s world,” these women won’t let you down:

Sheryl Sandberg

Working as the chief operating officer of Facebook, Sandberg is one of the movers and shakers in Silicon Valley. She has a net worth of almost $1.4 billion and a salary of $15 million. She’s part of the Walt Disney board and was once a department vice president in Google.

But her biggest accomplishment is co-writing Lean In, which pushed women to reach their career goals and challenge the lack of women in business and government.

Sandra Lerner

For Lerner, rest is for the wicked. She helped build Cisco Systems, which manufactures IT hardware such as routers. When the company fired her, she sold her stock options, invested in a venture capital, and became a co-founder of Urban Decay, which L’Oreal bought for about $350 million.

In between, she fights for animal rights, tends her organic farm, and writes books.

Sofia Vergara

Vergara’s popularity – and money – goes beyond her hit show, Modern Family. In fact, of the $43 million she earned in 2016, only 40 percent came from being an actress. The rest were from the brand she built from the ground up: herself.

She is not, after all, just an endorser, but also struck licensing deals with big brands such as Quaker Oats, McDonald’s, and Covergirl.

Note, though, their success did not come overnight. They persevered despite the challenges and failures. If you want to work your way up, start by investing in learning. Subscribe to women business magazines that feature a variety of entrepreneurs and publish practical, helpful guides to reach your dreams.

Building Trust from Start of Employment is Important

Background Check

An employer-employee relationship is always established the moment one starts working at a particular establishment. Whether an employee is a full-time or a casual employee, he is hired because of his skills. If you are not looking for a one-day employee, and would rather have a long-term working relationship with your hires, then it would be best that trust is built from the very start.

Smooth Business Operations

One product of trust between employer and employee is smooth business operations. When an employer trusts his employee, he can delegate work, big or small, to his employee. Things of urgency that you cannot do because of some important reason can easily be entrusted to that employee. Thus, business operations are not hampered. If trust is not built at the very start, you would find it hard to delegate a task to an employee, no matter how menial it may be.

Establishing a Long-Term Working Relationship

When there’s trust, it becomes easier for a long-term working relationship to be established. You could start looking forward to days when your employee would be the one to handle not just one but several aspects of your business. Employees who come to realize that it is their jobs that bring food to their table and feed their families would take care not to break the trust.

Ways to Check Trustworthiness

Since it would be quite hard for you to know whether an employee is trustworthy or not, you can always run an employee ID check. This will allow you to check on the employee’s national police history, shares Fast Police Checks, so that you will know whether he has any criminal record. There are people who actually believe that those who have been in the penitentiary should be given the chance. On the other hand, there are those who consider it quite disconcerting that an employee had once been convicted of a crime.

The element of trust is always important, especially at the very start of the employer-employee relationship. This would help in establishing a long-term relationship, which could benefit you and your business.

Consider These 4 Things Before You Start Your Forwarding Business

People at a WorkplaceAre you interested in starting a forwarding business? This might not be a simple undertaking, but forwarding, freight, and shipping businesses are always in demand. From consumer goods to business-to- business transactions, there will always be a solid market for businesses of this kind.

So, you think this business is for you and you want to begin the planning stage. It’s only right that you don’t rush into things. Diligent research and familiarisation with any industry are both crucial steps in preparing to open a business.

Before you jump in feet first, here are four things you must consider before starting your forwarding business.

Financial requirements

As with any business, freight forwarding will come with startup costs. Because of the nature of this business which involves heavy machinery, the costs will be steep. Having the bare minimum wouldn’t work. You need to have a solid contingency fund in case some things don’t run smoothly.

Legal matters

Consult with a business lawyer before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey. It’s always best to do things the legal way. Ensure that you have all the permits you need and that you have enough resources to operate a forwarding business legally.


Figure out who your target market is. Forwarding is a broad industry. There’s personal forwarding, business courier service, shipping, and many more niches. You might want to enlist the help of seasoned marketers to help you figure out this side of the business.


Depending on what kind of forwarding business you want to start, your competitors might not be as easy to find. The best thing you can do is to consult with a transport engineering firm like Bison Equipment in your area and ask them who the other players are in this industry.

Once you have these four things covered, you can finally take major steps in starting your business. Remember not to rush things and move strategically!

4 Ways to Expand Your Manufacturing Business

Small Business Owners TalkingFor an entrepreneur, nothing feels better than succeeding in business. When the numbers are good, everyone in the team feels happy and motivated. Now that you have achieved all the goals you set, it’s time to expand. This phase can be tricky, which is why you need to make the right moves.

These four ideas can help you along the process:

Embrace technology

A variety of tools exists today to help you run and expand your business. Hoshin software, for instance, is transforming the way businesses do strategic planning. The software can help your management team cascade short-term and long-term objectives into smaller constituents throughout your business. This ensures that all the departments in your organization know their roles in the expansion process.

Commit to the process

Expanding a business is an involving process. You must be willing to put your heart into your goal. You must be prepared to spend long hours figuring out how to best implement your plan and strategy. Be ready to make sacrifices along the way. Motivate your employees to embrace this critical phase of your company.

Think long term

As you embark on the expansion process, reflect on the long term. This is your vision for the business. Define where you want your business to be in a decade or two. Once your vision is clear, you can break it down into a mission statement, goals, and objectives.

Determine your mission

Your staff will be motivated to fully commit to the expansion process if they know your mission. A mission statement states what your manufacturing business will do and look like after three to five years. Your mission should move you closer to your vision.

The expansion process is an exciting phase for any business. It signifies growth. If you take the right steps, you should maneuver this critical stage successfully.

See Your Website Traffic Rise Through These Strategies

Site Traffic in OhioIn today’s Internet-dependent world, having a website is necessary. Without a website, your business will surely lose a huge portion of market share since most people rely on the web nowadays for their needs and tasks, such as bills payment, shopping, research, and searching for service providers.

Simply having a website and not doing anything else regularly will put your competitors on the top of the rankings. More.sanduskyregister.com noted that this is where the help of an experienced and trustworthy advertising agency comes into play. With specific strategies, you will soon see web traffic to continue going up.

For better online visibility.

There are many different types of digital advertising forms, including Google Search Ads, AdWords ads, PPC (Pay per Click) ads, Bing ads, and social media ads among many others. Incorporating these into your marketing and advertising strategy will help you gain the upper hand in terms of online visibility, especially when professionals create advertisements that really pique the interest of consumers.

For a more solid customer interaction and experience.

From having better online visibility, the next thing you can expect out of the help of professional digital advertiser is a more solid relationship with your existing and potential customers. Content and search marketing that's combined with the right advertising tactics, for instance, can help you interact with customers better and make their experience with your business even more memorable.

Always remember that active businesses attract the attention of consumers. Of course, you want your business to prosper and thrive in today’s extremely competitive market. Make sure you prioritize traffic through these advertising campaigns.

The Plan that Will Make Your Business Dream Come True

Business WomanAll businesses start with an idea. But just because you have come up with a great business idea does not automatically mean you can already launch one. It takes more than just an amazing concept to open up and run it, as well as ensure you reach success over time.

You have to create not just any plan, but one that takes into consideration the following:

Financial projections

Financial projections require more than just thinking of how your business will make money. First off, you need to come up with capital. During this step, start looking for a business bank in MN specializing in deposit and lending services.

Realistic expectations and appropriate business model

While waiting for your loan approval, do your homework on business models most applicable to the business you will soon run. Do not limit your business plan to making short-term profits – you want long-term viability and growth, which means setting realistic financial projections and expectations for operational costs, property purchase/lease, and other important initial and future expenses.

Competition research

All successful businesses have undergone comprehensive research of their competition before they even opened up their gates to the public. But, competition research does not end as soon as you launch your business. This is a constant, on-going task, seeing as you may have more competitors to deal with in the future.

This kind of research will also allow you to determine how your brand stacks up against the rest so that you can improve upon your products or services. By doing so, you can make consumers know that they are better off spending money on what you have to offer than your competitors.

In today’s extremely competitive market, you need all the help you can get, especially in terms of finances, unless, of course, you have a hefty bank account. Otherwise, you most likely would be unable to cut the ribbon, so seek financial assistance to make certain you have everything your soon-to-open business requires.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Commercial Property

Selling Commercial PropertyEvery person can sell a property successfully with or without the assistance of a realtor. With the right guide, you can change your deal into something profitable. However, there are numerous chances that one can make a mistake. The following tips will come in handy considering the mistakes you must avoid.


This is a common mistake of many sellers. Do not sell a commercial property at a very high price just because you want to earn more money. On the contrary, you need to reasonable when pricing your property if you want to attract the right clients. Not every person will be in a position to buy your property if you overprice. Resists the temptation and look for a good deal. The best thing you can do is to ensure that you know what the market has to offer and stick to this.

In a hurry 

According to recent trends in the real estate, more money has been made recently compared to any other time. Experts believe that this success can be attributed to the fact that sellers are learning to choose the right timing to sell their properties. This means that you must be smart enough to resists following the market blindly.

Not understanding the market

Small buildings are likely to be bought by business owners. This is probably because they are not well informed or educated in the value of their property. You should market large commercial buildings meant for rental purposes with the aim of targeting large customers with the interest in this line of work. You should focus on providing the right product for your audience.

Understanding the common pitfalls that most people have fallen into before will help you avoid them. This is crucial since it will enable you to safely navigate such mistakes and focus on selling your property to the right people and for the right price. You should arm yourself with knowledge and skills. You can be a success at real estate business.

Financial Woes and Accounting Help

Accountant in AucklandMath and numbers are not for everyone, but some people depend upon them. Self-employed individuals in small to medium businesses and rental property owners are some examples of professionals who need to have good math skills. The finances involved in such businesses demand for such skills.

Math Help

You may have a small or medium-sized business, or you have some properties for rent here in Auckland or anywhere else in New Zealand. There may be times when you run into trouble in your company. There may also be times when you are so busy that you cannot afford time to handle your financial accounts. When those times come, you may be in need of accounting services.

Accountants to the Rescue

Accountants can help you with the complex job of handling finances and other assets. You can also consult accountants for tax or financial advice. You can also get other services accountants offer when it comes to rental returns, tax registration, business tax accounts and returns, personal tax returns, and other areas.

Asset Handler

On a more specific level, accountants can help you with handling your business assets. They have the ability to analyse your whole business. They help you with maintaining your finances and assets or making them better.

Tax Consultant

Accountants can also help with tax assessments, since they understand tax laws. They can inform you of tax breaks you and your company can benefit from. They can check your tax responsibilities and help you to comply with the law.

Accounting Advisor

Even people who are just planning to venture into business can benefit from accountants. You can get advice from them about financial concerns and help. You can learn how much you need to invest into the business and how you can ensure an increasing profit.

You do not have to hire tax or financial accountants full time. You can just get advice from them, and move forward.

Dealing with Unjust Dismissals Due to Serious Misconduct

Business NegotiationManagers and employers have the right to dismiss an employee for different reasons. One of the common grounds for termination is serious misconduct.

Employment agreements often provide a list of behaviours that amount to serious misconduct. Theft, sexual harassment, and use of illegal drugs at work are usually included. These offenses vide enough justification for companies to terminate an employee without much deliberation.

If the case is not as straightforward, the employer should conduct a fair process before making a decision. There may be instances that the employee is misunderstood or the facts are inaccurate. When the dismissal is unfair, this is when the employee can step up and take part in resolving the issue.

Genuine Communication Between Two Parties

It is crucia for employees and employers to foster a healthy environment to maximise productivity. The most important tool in maintaining a harmonious relationship is open and genuine communication. When the employee receives a notice of termination, the best thing to do is talk to the employer and put everything on the table.

Pursue a Personal Grievance

Whether he is a regular or probationary employee, everyone has a claim for personal grievance against an employer if the dismissal is unjustifiable or carried out unfairly.

The NZ Employment Relations Act says, “Employees have the right to be told what the problem is and that dismissal or other disciplinary action is a possibility. Employees must then be given a genuine opportunity to tell their side of the story before the employer decides what to do.”

Seek Mediation Assistance

Mediation assistance is needed when both employer and employee do not agree on a resolution. If the employer insists on terminating the employee, but the reasons are not justifiable, the employee has the right to seek legal assistance, according to I.R.Thompson Associates Ltd.

It is helpful for employees to know their rights and the law that will back them up. The employee has the right to seek assistance to resolve the issue, and the employer should always provide this opportunity to the employee.

Unfair situations such as unjustifiable dismissals may occur in the workplace, which is why it is important for the employee to know how to deal with such situations. If communication does not solve the issue, the employee should know his rights and the labour laws that will protect their well-being.