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Five quick dental implant facts

February 13, 2018 Admin 0

Dental implants are a fascinating piece of dentistry. They give patients back teeth that look and feel natural. They have developed over a long period of time to become the modern and accessible option that […]

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House and Home

3 Things to Look for in an Exterior Painter

February 12, 2018 Admin 0

Your home is a great extension of you and should always stay and the best shape possible. A lot of a home’s appearance has to do with the exterior paintwork. Unfortunately, it’s this paint that […]

Police officer writing a traffic citation
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Measuring Speed Using Police Speed Gun Explained

February 5, 2018 Admin 0

Ever wonder how police get you for over-speeding? Surely, if you are cited for over-speeding, you are already familiar with how stalker radar guns work. More commonly referred to as police speed radar, how does […]