Most Powerful Women in Business

A businesswoman smiling during a meeting Who runs the (business) world? Girls! The National Association of Women Business Owners revealed women owned almost 10 million companies in the United States. These firms employed 7.9 million people and earned more than a trillion dollars in 2015.

Meanwhile, 4.2 percent of women-owned businesses make at least a million dollars annually. You can be the boss too, and if you’re looking for inspiration to succeed in what many still call a “man’s world,” these women won’t let you down:

Sheryl Sandberg

Working as the chief operating officer of Facebook, Sandberg is one of the movers and shakers in Silicon Valley. She has a net worth of almost $1.4 billion and a salary of $15 million. She’s part of the Walt Disney board and was once a department vice president in Google.

But her biggest accomplishment is co-writing Lean In, which pushed women to reach their career goals and challenge the lack of women in business and government.

Sandra Lerner

For Lerner, rest is for the wicked. She helped build Cisco Systems, which manufactures IT hardware such as routers. When the company fired her, she sold her stock options, invested in a venture capital, and became a co-founder of Urban Decay, which L’Oreal bought for about $350 million.

In between, she fights for animal rights, tends her organic farm, and writes books.

Sofia Vergara

Vergara’s popularity – and money – goes beyond her hit show, Modern Family. In fact, of the $43 million she earned in 2016, only 40 percent came from being an actress. The rest were from the brand she built from the ground up: herself.

She is not, after all, just an endorser, but also struck licensing deals with big brands such as Quaker Oats, McDonald’s, and Covergirl.

Note, though, their success did not come overnight. They persevered despite the challenges and failures. If you want to work your way up, start by investing in learning. Subscribe to women business magazines that feature a variety of entrepreneurs and publish practical, helpful guides to reach your dreams.

Two Secrets To A Healthy Life

Woman leaping in a field of grass

Many people overlook the need to keep and lead a healthy lifestyle until it is too late. The article highlights some of the proven ways to safeguard your health and lead a happy life.
It is quite difficult to put a price on the value of good health and wellbeing. Despite the essential role that lifestyle plays in the life of a human being, many individuals tend to overlook it. In fact, many people only pay attention to the state of their health after suffering a setback. While some ailments can be mild, others put your life at risk. 

Schedule A Regular Check Up With Your Doctor

Some people frown at the thought of visiting a health facility, and it only serves to make the situation worse. More than just treating your ailments, doctors have the skills and expertise to find the early symptoms of a disease. They can recommend corrective action long before the problem compounds. It could save you a considerable amount of pain and money as well. 
Similarly, doctors are always on hand to help you to manage existing ailments. For instance, if you are suffering from venous insufficiency, they can help you manage the condition and lead a more comfortable and healthier life. In addition to recommending the use of venous compression stockings, says they can advise you on the best treatment options to suit your situation.

Have Enough Sleep

It may come as a surprise, but sleep is the gateway to a happy and healthy life. Good quality sleep is essential for physical and mental health. As you sleep, your body heals and repairs the blood vessels, the heart, and other body processes and keeps them functioning correctly. In fact, sleep deficiency increases the likelihood of suffering from diabetes, stroke, as well as kidney and heart conditions. On average, an adult needs seven or eight hours of sleep every day.
It is of vital importance to take proactive measure to safeguard both your mental and physical health. Regular medical checkup and sleeping properly are great places to start.

When’s the Right Time to Throw Away Your Mattress?

A messy bed People usually just sleep on their current mattress until it becomes too saggy, has too many stains, or a spring starts to jut out. Sleep is a key indicator of overall health, according to the National Sleep Foundation, and a mattress can greatly affect sleep quality. So, don’t wait until you have back pain or a bug-infested bed. Here’s how you know when you need to get a new matress.

The Kind of Mattress

Does it matter if you have a king-size mattress in Orem or a single if talking about longevity? Not so much. What’s inside matters more. Air mattresses have the shortest life expectancy at five years since they eventually develop leaks or just become unable to retain air pressure. Meanwhile, a well-cared-for innerspring mattress lasts for seven to eight years; a memory foam mattress should be good for at least 10 years if you keep it rotated, clean, and ventilated.

Latex mattresses, on the other hand, have naturally durable latex runner that can last up to 15 years.

The State of Your Mattress

A mattress should be firm and comfortable, and one of the most telling signs that you need to replace it is if it becomes too lumpy and saggy. It’s also a sign of wear if your mattress squeaks or creaks when you get in and out of bed.

You should also consider replacing your mattress if there’s a stain, tear, or any sign of damage. A small tear can quickly become a larger rip and holes are more likely to attract bugs.

The Level of Comfort

Do you sleep enough hours, but still feel tired every morning? It might be a sign that your mattress is not comfortable enough to give you an undisturbed sleep. The same goes if you feel discomfort or pain when you wake up.

You should also get a new mattress if you sleep better in another bed.

Although each kind of mattress has its own life expectancy, you should also take into account the physical state of your mattress and your level of comfort every time you sleep on it when figuring out if it’s time to buy a new one.

Colours That Can Elevate Your Mood

House With White Wall PaintColours are used by many cultures to encourage mental wellness and fight stress. In many studies, a stressed people often suffer from several serious health issues. Aside from diet and lifestyle changes, adding a new colour to your home or having Wellington house painters change your paint can help decrease your stress levels and elevate your mood. Here are six mood elevating colours you can put in your home.

1. Blue

This hue can manage stress with its peaceful, calm and gentle effect. Blue calms your mind, lowers your heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety levels. Painting a soft neutral blue shade on your bedroom walls can give you a peaceful night’s rest.

2. Green

Green is the colour of nature and has a relaxing effect on the eyes. Using shades such as olive green in your living room is the next best thing if you don’t have potted indoor plants. The colour can reduce stress yet still keep you active to face the day’s demands.

3. Pink

Using this colour calms down people who are angry and hyperactive. Pink soothes hyperactivity and nervousness and gives people a calm energy.

4. White

This colour gives a sense of purity and peace. Pregnant women respond well to this colour. When dealing with a great deal of stress, white can help you feel calm, fresh, and clear.

5. Violet

Violet signifies strength, peace, and wisdom. Adding a touch of violet in the house can put people in a contemplative mood and help them meditate.

6. Yellow

Yellow can make a person feel lively and energetic. Research has revealed that people who were placed in a yellow room are more active than other people.

Colours to brighten your day

Looking at these colours can reduce stress and elevate your mood. Add any of these colours and their similar shades can enhance your house’s curb appeal. In Wellington, hire house painters who can give your home the calm you want.

The Lesser-Known Cause of Clogged Plumbing

Plumber unclogging and repairing pipesClogged plumbing drains and pipes don’t just cause nuisances in your household and delays in your day to day tasks. They can also lead to serious property damage that can cost you a lot of money.

There are plenty of reasons behind these issues, and in most cases, improper use of the plumbing system, such as flushing various items down the toilet, is the main culprit. However, many consumers are unaware that trees can also cause these plumbing malfunctions.

The role trees play

When tree roots make their way to wrap around sewer pipes, they can literally “choke” these parts of the plumbing system, causing them to malfunction. They can go around and squeeze so tightly to the point that sewage water can no longer pass through. This can quickly worsen when the water has solid objects in it. This is where a Salt Lake City, Utah rooter service comes into play.

Rooters: Getting down to the root of the problem

It is important that your plumbing system undergoes routine drain cleaning services, since small objects, plus oil or grease that has solidified, will inevitably accumulate inside the drains over time. However, when the cause of the clogged pipes is tree roots, removing the blockages require the use of a specialized machine: a rooter.

With this device, the plumbing specialist can get rid of not just the typical trash inside the pipes, but also the tree roots causing the clogging in your plumbing system. A rooting service tackles the cause of the issue and not just the symptoms that come with it.

Root-clogged pipes will cause bigger damages and get more expensive over time. Don’t think for one second that you can just wait for the water to drain out eventually. Contact a rooter service as soon as possible.

Is a Burial Vault Necessary?

Bearers carrying a coffin into a car In the event that your loved one passed away without leaving any end-of-life plans, it would be up to you (and your family) to arrange your loved one’s funeral and burial. One of the things that you have to decide on is whether to purchase a burial vault or a grave liner. Essentially, the purpose of burial vaults is to help prevent the ground from collapsing once it’s settled. But do you really need to purchase a burial vault in Salt Lake City?

Why You Might Need a Burial Vault

During a burial or interment, there would be particular loads that would be placed on the site. Burial vaults are specially developed to bear these loads that caskets can’t. These particular loads include impact loads, dynamic loads, and static loads. Static loads are typical weight loads put on vaults due to the ground above and are usually around two tons or 4,000 pounds. Dynamic loads are loads that differ in intensity and could be caused by backhoes, tractors, or other cemetery equipment that pass over a grave. Impact loads could be caused by using a tamper on the backfilling process and could deliver the impact that usually exceeds the impact delivered by dynamic or static loads. While this usually happens for a short time, an impact load is typically concentrated on an extremely tiny area.

Although a majority of state laws don’t require the use of burial vaults or liners. A majority of cemeteries actually do, primarily due to the abovementioned reasons. Plenty of cemeteries likewise requires burial vaults for burying cremated remains.

So Should You Buy a Burial Vault?

The answer, it really depends on the cemetery you choose to let your loved one rest. And even your chosen cemetery doesn’t require a burial vault for interment; it’s a good idea to consider getting one anyway. According to people who have purchased burial vaults for their deceased loved ones, you can’t buy peace of mind, but you can buy a burial vault to help make certain that your loved ones’ remains would be protected from potential ground collapse. Do take note however that burial vaults merely stop the ground from collapsing around your loved one’s casket and not the decaying process of the body itself.

It’s time to embrace braces

Dental CosmeticsMore than 200,000 people in England started treatment with braces last year. Though most of these people were children, there are also many different options available for adults too. Invisible braces are a popular and effective means for straightening adult’s teeth and there are now many more choices than ever before.

It is time to get the best out of your teeth. Having straighter teeth can improve your ability to eat, bite and chew with more comfort and less concern about food being trapped in awkward places. Vogue Dental Care in Luton is one dental practice that can offer a wide variety of invisible braces to suit every lifestyle.

What are invisible braces used for?

Invisible braces can be used to straighten crooked, crowded or protruding teeth and close gaps between teeth. Some fixed invisible braces options can also be used to correct the bite of your teeth, in order for the top and bottom teeth to meet properly when you close your mouth.

What are the options?

  • Six Month Smiles, an express invisible braces treatment that can straighten teeth in around just six months;
  • Invisalign, a popular brand that uses a series of almost invisible clear removeable aligners that gently guide your teeth into place quickly and easily;
  • Inman Aligner, a discreet system using just one thin metal wire to straighten your teeth, making them less conspicuous than traditional fixed metal braces.

Invisible braces can be both fixed for a set period, usually for more complex cases, or removable, meaning you can take them out for brushing, flossing and eating. However, it is important to note that when using removeable braces, they will still need to be worn for usually at least 20–22 hours a day to be effective.


It is vital that during treatment and after its complete, you take good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly and keeping up with routine dental check-ups. A good dentist will also encourage you to look at reducing bad habits such as smoking and give you advice as to which foods and drinks are best to cut down on to ensure good dental health.

Maintaining Your Automated Gates

Electric GateHomeowners across the US are finding automated electric gates ideal for their properties. Fencing companies can design, build and install gates of any size. Automated gates are popular as these allow residents to control the gates and give them access control to the property.

Electric gates can be configured to function as swinging, vertical pivot or sliding gates. This feature is determined by the size and weight of the gate. These gates function with the help of batteries, electricity, or solar panels. Although these can power the gate’s operation, you would still need gate maintenance services for emergencies in New York and other cities to make sure your gates are working well.

Maintenance Tips

Once an automated gate is installed, many people do not think about gate maintenance anymore. However, automated gates need regular checking and maintenance to ensure that it functions properly.

Regular cleaning: Like a car or home, a gate will function properly with regular cleaning. It will also look appealing if it gets an occasional coat of wax or paint. Since gates are exposed to the elements, it would be more expensive to have them refinished or replaced. Regular maintenance will reveal problems in the early stages and prevent expensive repairs.

Cleaning up pests: Insects like spiders, snails and others can cause damage to the circuit boards, which help in powering movement. Regular checks can help prevent garden animals from destroying the mechanism.

Lubrication: The maintenance needs of an electric gate will depend on the system installed. Higher end systems have sealed bearings and maintenance free hinges which do not need to be often adjusted. If there are any doubts about care, talk to an installer and let them guide you. Most companies recommend using lithium grease to lubricate the chains instead of WD-40.

Whether you have a very expensive gate or a lower end model, every piece of equipment has to be checked periodically to ensure that it is working as intended. Regular checks will help property owners avoid expensive repairs and replacement. While emergency gate maintenance is always an option, a little care goes a long way in saving time and money.

Safety Bathroom Measures for Seniors

Elderly on a relaxing safe bathtubAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than two-thirds of bathroom injuries happen near the shower or bathtub. Such accidents often happen when one slips on a wet floor, or when an individual steps over the tub wall. The accidents may be caused by many factors. Health conditions, such as arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease, are also common causes of bathroom slips.

Heavenly Walk In Tubs shares some facts to help you learn more about the problem:

Who is likely to be affected?

The risks of bathroom injuries increase significantly after the age of 65. After the age of 65, most people tend to develop limb problems and their vision becomes weak. The limb problems contribute significantly to loss of mobility and balance, which result in bathroom falls and injuries. Statistics shows that one out of three adults over the age of 65 experience bathrooms fall each year.

What is the remedy?

The brighter side is that despite the potential dangers in the bathroom, this place provides a calming refuge for the elderly. All you need to do is install specially designed bathtubs for the elderly or disabled. This version makes your loved one feel that he or she can still bathe privately without having to ask for help.

Why do they require special bathtubs?

These bathtubs have special features that are convenient, as well as suitable for the elderly and handicapped. For instance, they have non-slip floor surfaces, as well as bars that you can hold onto. They have reachable and visible knobs and buttons. This translates to a comfortable bath without having to stand up and sit every now and then.

The elderly and disabled have their special needs. Once you provide these special requirements, you are preserving your loved one’s well-being by ensuring that he or she leads a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

Making Cupcakes: What to Avoid

Person Baking CupcakesWho does not like cupcakes? They are great treats for birthdays and almost any occasion, they are good as gifts, and they are even great with your afternoon tea or coffee just for the sheer pleasure of it.

Cupcake making is also interesting and simple enough that many people, from stay-at-home moms to business executives, are into it. But before you can achieve the perfect batch of cupcakes, you are likely to encounter a few issues.

Here are some of them, including how you can avoid them from the start:

Adding toppers before serving the cupcakes

The magic of cupcakes is that you can make them in many flavors and top them with even more flavors to enhance their taste as well as their look. If you are not serving the cupcakes just yet, though, do not sprinkle them with toppings. Doing it too soon can make the toppings soggy, as they will absorb frosting moisture.

Some toppings, like colorful sprinkles, can also leave some ugly splotches of color on the frosting.

Getting cheap supplies

There is nothing wrong with trying to find bargains, but if you use cheap supplies to make your cupcakes, you cannot make them the best. The flavors will not be as tasty, and the cupcakes may even spoil quickly. The cupcake liners may peel quickly if they are not sturdy enough.

Make sure to get only quality cupcake ingredients and supplies if you want to come up with cupcakes you can be proud of.

Frosting while still hot

If you frost your cupcakes, do not do it until you are sure they are no longer hot. One hour should be a safe waiting time. Even if the cakes feel cool to the touch, they may still be warm inside, which will cause your frosting to melt and, consequently, languish in ruin.

Follow these simple tips and tricks the next time you bake cupcakes. Perfect cupcakes are simply more enjoyable.