Hotel SEO: Attract Prospective Customers with the Right Web Design Strategy

Man in a suit pointing at the SEO wordBusinesses in the travel and hospitality industry should consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO) their best friend. In fact, travel businesses that want to succeed online can do so with the right SEO strategy, since it has the power to prove the relevance of a product or service by making it rank in on online search engines.

Apart from establishing the online platform as a point of booking, Peak 14 Media, a provider of hotel marketing solutions, believes effective SEO implementation also helps users learn more about a product, which could, in turn, lead to a higher rate of conversions.

Start with a Well-Designed Website

Getting potential customers to find your brand and book a room starts with creating a well-designed website. Make sure your website has its own hotel reservation system to take the hassle out of online bookings, taking payments, and answering phone calls. Moreover, optimizing your travel website should contain detailed descriptions of the property as well as an image-rich gallery with high-quality photos as this could help guests decide whether or not they want to purchases your services.

Keep Your Website Up-to-Date with Fresh Information

Content marketing is integral to your SEO strategy. Create a content calendar to keep your website up-to-date, as blogging is one of the best ways to add regular, fresh content to your website. As such, create blog posts at least once a week about anything related to hotels or the wider industry. Remember: good-quality content will make you rank higher in search engines and lead to more traffic to your website.

Capitalize on Website Mobile-Friendliness

Compared to previous years, travel booking via mobile is now the preferred booking medium for airfare and accommodations. In fact, experts predict that the percentage of people searching for accommodations on a smaller screen will increase to 70% of all online travel bookings by 2019. With that in mind, test your website for mobile responsiveness to make sure it translates to a smooth browsing experience for browsers.

Adapt your website to the needs of your customers to get a stronger foothold over competitors. Creating a good first impression with impressive web design, after all, leads to a higher chance of conversions.

FHA: Millennials’ Funding Choice for Home Purchases

FHA LoanFederal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgages seem to be popular among millennial home buyers, as 35% of those born between 1980 and 1999 chose FHA mortgages to fund their home purchases, according to an analysis.

The analysis based its findings on loans that were closed in January 2017. The millennials’ share of FHA loans and other financing packages stood beyond the 21% total market share of the government lending institution.

FHA’s popularity can be attributed to its several benefits, including less financial requirements.

Popular Lending

An increasing number of millennials account for first-time home buyers. Many of them decide to apply for an FHA loan program, as they look into the bigger picture of the total package beyond the usually small upfront fees.

As it turns out, the popularity of FHA loans is partly because of their flexible down payment terms, reaching as low as 3.5%. While that’s comparatively higher than Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s minimum of 3%, the latter two needs applicants to meet eligibility requirements.

FHA Rules

FHA-backed loans may have less stringent requirements, but the chances of approval are not always 100%. For instance, you’ll need to have a FICO score of at least 580. That’s significantly lower than the average of 748 for closed Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loans in January, which may be one reason why more people prefer FHA mortgages.

Aside from meeting debt-to-income ratio standards and providing certain documents, you should also have a steady source of income. It may be obvious, yet many still tend to neglect this basic rule.

An FHA loan may be the best option for you, but there are other factors that will ultimately determine if you are financially capable of paying it off. It’s best to consult with mortgage lending advisers for you to know the best option for your home purchase.

The Two Compelling Reasons to Embrace a Culture of Recycling

RecycleDespite the crucial role that recycling plays in making the world a better place, it remains a lost art to many people. Often, people pass over opportunities to contribute to a greener and safer world out of sheer ignorance. As the level of pollution in the world increases, the quality of life goes down. Dramatic changes in climate and air quality occur, affecting everyone in equal measures.

Here are some prime motives to view recycling in a positive light:

It is good for the economy

Recycling has little economic value to the uninitiated, but in a real sense, the Australian recycling industry is a billion-dollar industry. The sector creates employment for thousands of workers in addition to conserving the environment. Metal recyclers play a particularly important role in safeguarding the environment and providing affordable metal to the construction industry.

Recycling makes use of readily available metal, which lowers mining activities. By extension, the mining industries lower their production, which saves power and reduces environmental pollution. In return, recyclers pass the cost savings to consumers.

It is good for the environment

You probably have walked past a landfill and experienced the horrible smell it emanates. Well, that is only the tip of the iceberg. These make the perfect breeding ground for rats and other disease-carrying vectors, including insects. After some time, they are likely to make their way into your home and cause you a lot of discomfort. In addition, decomposing matter releases toxic waste including mercury and lead that seeps into the ground. These metals make a place inhabitable and will often find ways to leak into the water supplies. They can affect the quality of water in the rivers and lakes, poisoning anything they meet — both plants and animals.

While recycling might seem to be a small issue, it carries a boatload of benefits for everyone. Other than making the environment cleaners, recycling is good for your health and wallet as well.

Great Things About Owning a House That Renting Can’t Top

Home OwnershipIt’s perfectly fine to keep renting, especially when you’re young and single. At least you have a landlord to take care of most of the maintenance, you can move easily to a new apartment if you have to, and you can choose an apartment that’s just the right size (and number of rooms) for you.

With mortgages in Utah and many other American states being this competitive, however, you should consider buying a home at some point, perhaps in the near future.

Here are some benefits of owning a house: 

It’s yours

No weird landlord rules to follow, you don’t have to put up with a slob for a roommate, no curfews that will get you locked out of your own home, and you can invite anyone you want to visit. Change the locks or the paint anytime you want. You can install just about anything — from a high security perimeter fence (if allowed in your area) to amenities for a smart home — and not worry about leaving what you paid for if you have to move.

It has market value

When you move out of your apartment, you’ll get your deposit back. That’s it. If you broke anything while living there, the landlord will take it out of your deposit and you might even have a balance. When you move out of your property, however, you can sell it and possibly make a profit if you are moving to a more affordable house in a less expensive area. Even if you spend money on a kitchen remodel, you’re probably just pushing the value of your house even higher.

Even if you don’t sell…

You can give it to your grownup child when you retire and decide to live in the Bahamas. The point is, it will always be yours. You can even rent it to tenants if you can’t or won’t sell it but you have to move to a new house for any reason. You just have to adjust the insurance to make sure you are covered as a landlord.

There are many benefits to owning a house when you compare to renting an apartment. Besides, just the feeling of knowing you own some American real estate is already worth the investment.

Creating Happy, Healthy & Positive Workspace – What Can It Do?

Healthy WorkplaceTo many people, work holds a substantial portion of their lives. A research shows that most individuals spend nearly eight or more hours in a day on activities related to their work. Add another extra six or eight hours of sleep and it'll show that you spend the majority of your time at work and sleep alone.

With so much time spent on work, it goes to show that having a healthy and positive environment at work greatly affects the performance and mood of employees. It has a direct impact on the company's productivity as well as the behaviour of people in your office.

Take a look at the other key advantages of creating a good and appealing workspace.

Keeps Everyone Safe & Healthy

Cleanliness is one of the most essential rules of life. This matters because dust and bacteria can negatively affect the performance of employees because it often prompts sickness. Sickness when translated to business term usually means absenteeism.

Promotes Creativity & Teamwork

It might not be too apparent, but the work environment helps create a culture which allows people to explore their own capacities and collaborate with others. This is a great tool to prompt openness and communication among the team. In turn, it greatly reflects the growth and potential of each person in your office.

Provides Comfortable & Friendly Atmosphere

Medically speaking, the human body is designed to move around and not to sit for good seven to eight hours. Unfortunately, this is the common scenario when people are at work. While this is unavoidable, you can do something to mitigate the negative effects of sitting all day and that is using ergonomically correct chairs. In addition, Bishop Interiors suggests you install and design office workstations which encourage movements.

Demonstrates Good Corporate Image

A healthy workplace is a good reflection of how you take the safety and well-being of your people seriously. Because of this, more customers think highly of what you can do and trust you even more. This can positively create a good public image not only to your team and customers, but also to the society as a whole.

The success of every business doesn’t only rely on the overall management, but also with the way you treat and take care of your employees. If you want to continually grow your company, then you must pay attention to these things.

3 Quick & Easy Ideas for Throwing a Party

Party Tips In MinnesotaYou always get those calendar e-mails and texts, inviting you to house parties. You go, enjoy yourself, and see how happy the host looks. You wonder: “Can that be me?” You catch yourself and say, “No. It’s not worth the stress.”

You’ve always thought of party planning as some elaborate affair that involves spreadsheets and clipboards, running around like a headless chicken looking for supplies and party needs. Well, a party is as simple as you make it.

Get the food right

Serve something everybody likes. Chicken, pizza, burgers, and even pasta will surely please all your guests. There are many places that sell pizza in Janesville, Minnesota and most of them offer deliveries. Go with a flavor that’s common like pepperoni or plain cheese. If you want to make food at home, transform the party into a full-blown barbecue. You can ask your guests to bring things to grill, and you’ll take care of all the sides.​

Go retro

When it comes to party music, retro never fails. You don’t have to play the 80s or 70s disco. If you’ve invited guests of roughly the same age range, playing some tunes from the decade of their childhood will surely make for a fun party. Nineties kids will have a blast dancing to super popular tunes, like those of Britney Spears or the Backstreet Boys.

Don’t over-do the games

Some hosts think that the life of the party is in the games. Well, the answer is yes if you’re nine years old. Parties are great for meeting new people, doing a bit of dancing, having something to drink, and relaxing after a full week of working. Not all your guests will be comfortable playing games, so limit them to one or two for the whole night.

Want to be the host this time? You don’t need to throw the most unforgettable party of the decade. All you need is good food, good music, and of course, good company.

Types of Gold Bullion to Buy Online

Buying Bullion OnlineFor many investors today, one of the best ways to secure finances is to invest on buying gold bullion. This form of investment provides stability, strength and market independence from the unpredictable economy that could pose threats to one’s currency held assets.

Is it really safe to buy gold bullion online?

The evolution of the Internet has made it easier for anyone to invest in gold bullion. This method has become so popular because it offers investors a wide range of high-quality gold products from different online retailers in the market. But the real question that most people would ask: Is it safe to buy gold bullion online?

There are pros and cons when shopping for gold online. You may think that the threats can be high since you will be making deals on the Internet, but the trick is to find the right website that can help you protect your money.

Types of gold bullion to buy online

Atkinsons Bullion says there are many types of gold bullion to buy on the Internet. These include coins, bars, and rounds. The gold bullion coin comes in a variety of sizes and every size in between. Most investors and collectors buy 1-ounce gold coins that include the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Gold Buffalo and Krugerrand.

Buying a gold bar is one of the cheapest, safest, and easiest ways to own a physical gold. Gold bars cost less because they are minted privately but they usually match in content and purity compared to gold coins. They also come in different sizes but the most commonly traded are 1 ounce or less.

Gold rounds are circular discs that are usually manufactured by private mints or by the government. Investors who are interested in having a stable purchasing power usually buy the gold rounds. This type of gold, however, is not as collectible as gold coins but good for an anti-inflation hedge.

In any case, gold bullion is definitely a great investment. When you plan to buy gold bullion over the Internet, it is smart to find the right eCommerce website that is trusted by many.

Guide when Shopping for a Television for Sale

Television for Sale in Little RockA new television for sale might sound good news to you, especially if you’re one of those people who enjoy watching a lot. But you might want some serious advice if you don’t want to go wrong with your TV choice.

So how do you do it right? There are three basic rules you need to know:

  • Published specs are not always at par with the actual picture quality. Specs are more for marketing and let you know which TV has more to offer like it being a “Smart TV” or it having a fancy remote.
  • Better stick with a bigger TV. This is because bigger TVs are cheaper compared to smaller ones – when size is factored in – and allow you to enjoy your TV time better.
  • You don’t need a 4k TV – yet. The new Ultra High Definition (UHD) or 4K resolution TVs are the next thing of the future. It’s a good investment but it’s not something you really need to buy unless you want the best of TV features – which happens to be in 4K TVs nowadays.

Choosing the right kind of TV

You’ll find many kinds of television for sale in Little Rock nowadays. But a TV by any other name is still a TV. So what makes the difference?

  • Smart TV – if you wish to buy a Smart TV, that only means that you want to access some TV apps like Amazon Instant and Netflix – something that you cannot do with other types of TV.
  • Curved TV – to be honest, curved TVs have more aesthetic appeal than better picture quality. Not really worth the money unless you want what’s “in.”
  • 3D TV – this is the perfect choice if you want to feel like you belong inside the series or movies you’re watching. A word of warning, though: a 3D TV is no different than a regular TV if you don’t use the 3D feature.

Questions you need to ask (yourself) before buying a television for sale

  • What is the best TV size? Depending on your preference, going for 32 to 50-inch TVs would be safe.
  • What is the best TV brands? There are plenty of choices for you but the best is Samsung, followed by LG, then Sony and Panasonic.
  • HD or 4K? Price-wise, HD TVs are far cheaper. But if you want better picture quality, the minute details of 4K models would appeal to you.

There you have it: some of the things you have to keep in mind when you are on the lookout for the best TV. These will make sure that you are buying the right TV for your home.

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Do Branding to Attract Consumers

Small Flower Shop BusinessIf you are a small business looking for an entryway to an industry with big dominating brands, how do you make sure they won't eat you alive? Believing that the quality of your product is better does not guarantee that consumers will be receptive. You need to exhaust all efforts to stand out.

1. Never underestimate the power of aesthetics.

Your food or skincare items may have undergone a hundred product developments to achieve the highest quality possible and yet, this is not enough to attract attention. Flexo Impressions added that attractiveness plays a big part in the buying decision, so you should invest in good packaging and prime labels. Make your products visually appealing if you want to be a step up the competition.

2. Have the attitude that you are bigger than you actually are.

This does not mean that you have to lie. All you need is to be professional in whatever marketing efforts you do. If you don’t have the budget for TV or radio advertising, don’t do it. Instead, make the most of the media channels that you can afford. For instance, be big in digital marketing. Come up with great content and appear like a pro.

3. Be consistent with your message.

What is your USP or unique selling proposition? What sets your products apart? Repeat this in all your branding efforts. In addition, you want to appeal to the emotions of your consumers. What is the value of your product? If it is eco-friendly, you want to emphasize how they can contribute to saving the planet.

4. Highlight the benefits.

The consumers will always ask, “What’s in it for me?” Answer this. Let them know how they can benefit from choosing your product over the others available in the market. Show them how buying yours will provide long-term benefits.

Competing with hundreds of brands bigger than you is risky. However, if you believe in your products, don’t let anyone tell you not to do it. It will require greater efforts, but if you go the right direction, you may not only stay afloat, but you can even give the leadings brands a run for their money.

Mortgage & Life: Some of the Things You Have to Deal with in Salt Lake City

House In Salt Lake CityFor most people, Utah might seem like a laid-back state. That is not the case, however, especially when it comes to Salt Lake City. In fact, living in Salt Lake City would mean not just being neighbors with mountains but also rubbing elbows with celebrities, especially during the Sundance Festival. If you want to give Salt Lake City a try, you have to keep in mind a few things:

Salt Lake City prices are on the rise

The past few years have shown a 7.8% increase in the price of real estate in Salt Lake City. This is one of the lowest in the market, but there is a possibility of a 5% increase over the coming years. That being the case, it is easy to see that now might be the ideal time to buy. Keep in mind that lower price would mean a lower mortgage in Salt Lake City.

You need to ready your wallet

Like any other state, buying a house is not something you should do on a whim. You need to make sure that you are credit-worthy. This means making sure that you have cleared your financial records from any bad credit history. Moreover, you also need to have a budget for down payment. Keep in mind that majority of cases need a 20% down payment. Fortunately, the market offers a number of financial assistance programs that would allow you to get a lower down payment rate.

Choose the right lender

All home buying processes end with choosing the right mortgage lender, aside from going after a good interest rate. On this end, you have to keep in mind that each mortgage lender has their own fee schedules. Many professionals recommend checking out multiple quotations before making a decision.

If you're planning to move to Salt Lake City, knowing the rates and other things when buying a house is important. Ask professionals if you're in doubt.