Grow Your Brand Awareness and Sales With These Incredible Moves

Word brand protected by a businessmanIncreasing brand awareness is an effective way to grow your business and your market share. Such a move lets your customers identify and choose your products over the others.

Building brand awareness is of great importance when dealing with physical goods. Other than ensuring that you are offering superior products, you need to invest in professional and attractive packaging. Once you are done prepping your products, it is time to distribute them and spread the word.

Signs n Stuff shares some tips on how you can successfully build brand awareness in a tough market.

Have a great marketing arsenal

Think about it: when you need to clean up a spill, you do not just reach for a tissue. Most probably, you will ask for a particular brand of tissue. Such is the power of effective brand awareness. People tend to use your brand name to refer to all products that fall into the same category. By extension, they will almost certainly choose the flagship brand when they are out shopping.

An effective marketing strategy establishes a deep connection between your brand and the potential customers. The use of eye catching and attention grabbing posters and flyers detailing the merits of your products makes a great start.

Add freebies to your marketing arsenal

You need to go beyond posters, business cards, and spread banners when seeking to grow your brand awareness. People love freebies, and you need to harness these peculiarities to increase your brand presence.

With the help of a credible printing company, you can have a range of promotional products and ideas at your disposal. These include pens, T-shirts, caps, wristbands or any other interesting materials. With these items, you can turn everyone using them into brand ambassadors. In no time, you would have a hundreds or thousands of loyal customers.

Building brand awareness is key to growing your market share and increasing your sales. These valuable pointers can help you meet these needs with great ease.

Empathy is the Secret to a Successful Brick and Mortar Retail Business

Girl sales personnel providing good service to a customerThere is a so-called “mall apocalypse” in America today. It refers to the closing of large regional malls because of their drastically reduced foot traffic and sales that keep them from being as profitable as they used to. This phenomenon is due to the rise of e-commerce businesses. According to analysts, however, there are still aspects that brick and mortar businesses can do better than online stores and businesses: fostering relationships. How exactly do you achieve this, though?

A Feeling of Community

The feel of familiarity when walking in a store can go a long way, especially if you’re a shop selling handmade goods with a unique story or if you’re already a regular customer of a neighborhood business. This sense of community is just something that online retailers cannot establish.

A Fun Experience Throughout

Customers today have a different attitude towards buying. When walking into your store, they will usually look at their phones to compare your products or services to what your competitors are offering. It is vital, therefore, to offer a happy experience, so it gives them a reason to choose your product instead of the competition or simply buying what they want online. is active in helping businesses achieve just that. Their courses teach managers how to lead and cultivate a genuine sales and service culture.

A Matter of Empathy

Brick and mortar retail stores simply can’t afford to provide bad customer service. Their employees should always be proactive in assisting customers and finding solutions to their concerns and problems. If a store’s employees don’t care, or even project their bad days onto customers, it gives shoppers no reason to build a lasting relationship with the store.

Human interaction and connection are what sets brick and mortar businesses apart from e-commerce stores. Make sure to provide each customer that walks in your store genuine service, and you’ll reap the benefits later.

Most Powerful Women in Business

A businesswoman smiling during a meeting Who runs the (business) world? Girls! The National Association of Women Business Owners revealed women owned almost 10 million companies in the United States. These firms employed 7.9 million people and earned more than a trillion dollars in 2015.

Meanwhile, 4.2 percent of women-owned businesses make at least a million dollars annually. You can be the boss too, and if you’re looking for inspiration to succeed in what many still call a “man’s world,” these women won’t let you down:

Sheryl Sandberg

Working as the chief operating officer of Facebook, Sandberg is one of the movers and shakers in Silicon Valley. She has a net worth of almost $1.4 billion and a salary of $15 million. She’s part of the Walt Disney board and was once a department vice president in Google.

But her biggest accomplishment is co-writing Lean In, which pushed women to reach their career goals and challenge the lack of women in business and government.

Sandra Lerner

For Lerner, rest is for the wicked. She helped build Cisco Systems, which manufactures IT hardware such as routers. When the company fired her, she sold her stock options, invested in a venture capital, and became a co-founder of Urban Decay, which L’Oreal bought for about $350 million.

In between, she fights for animal rights, tends her organic farm, and writes books.

Sofia Vergara

Vergara’s popularity – and money – goes beyond her hit show, Modern Family. In fact, of the $43 million she earned in 2016, only 40 percent came from being an actress. The rest were from the brand she built from the ground up: herself.

She is not, after all, just an endorser, but also struck licensing deals with big brands such as Quaker Oats, McDonald’s, and Covergirl.

Note, though, their success did not come overnight. They persevered despite the challenges and failures. If you want to work your way up, start by investing in learning. Subscribe to women business magazines that feature a variety of entrepreneurs and publish practical, helpful guides to reach your dreams.

Safety Bathroom Measures for Seniors

Elderly on a relaxing safe bathtubAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than two-thirds of bathroom injuries happen near the shower or bathtub. Such accidents often happen when one slips on a wet floor, or when an individual steps over the tub wall. The accidents may be caused by many factors. Health conditions, such as arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease, are also common causes of bathroom slips.

Heavenly Walk In Tubs shares some facts to help you learn more about the problem:

Who is likely to be affected?

The risks of bathroom injuries increase significantly after the age of 65. After the age of 65, most people tend to develop limb problems and their vision becomes weak. The limb problems contribute significantly to loss of mobility and balance, which result in bathroom falls and injuries. Statistics shows that one out of three adults over the age of 65 experience bathrooms fall each year.

What is the remedy?

The brighter side is that despite the potential dangers in the bathroom, this place provides a calming refuge for the elderly. All you need to do is install specially designed bathtubs for the elderly or disabled. This version makes your loved one feel that he or she can still bathe privately without having to ask for help.

Why do they require special bathtubs?

These bathtubs have special features that are convenient, as well as suitable for the elderly and handicapped. For instance, they have non-slip floor surfaces, as well as bars that you can hold onto. They have reachable and visible knobs and buttons. This translates to a comfortable bath without having to stand up and sit every now and then.

The elderly and disabled have their special needs. Once you provide these special requirements, you are preserving your loved one’s well-being by ensuring that he or she leads a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

Free Yourself From Debt in Three Ways

Woman worrying over debtsWhen you are in dire need of money, do not panic. There are measures you can take. Here are three ways on how you will be able to secure the funds that you badly need.

Being financially burdened is one situation that many individuals do not want to find themselves in. When you are buried in debt or confronted with an emergency, not being able to get hold of the money that you need can be a very dire situation. If you are currently struggling with finances, you may be able to avail funds in three ways.

Sell Real Estate Property

If the money that you need is a large amount, then what you can do is to offer real estate property for sale. For instance, if you own land or a house, you can then contact a trustworthy real estate agent in Auckland and let them know that your property is for sale. Experienced real estate agents can give your property better exposure, reaching out to more potential buyers. Prestige Real Estate International LTD say that many agents are positioned in such a way that would increase the chances of your property being sold.

Get Help from Relatives

During emergencies, relatives could greatly help you. Most of the time, you could turn to your parents and other relatives to help you with your financial woes. MoneyUnder30 says that it may be difficult to admit to relatives that you are financially constrained, but it’s better than getting yourself buried into more debt. So just bear with it. What matters is that you can convince them to help you get out of your financial woes.

Put Up a Garage Sale

This may be one of the quickest cash sources you can have. You may have forgotten about the many “junk” items which you have stashed in the attic, but were actually in pristine condition. Any of those things may prove useful to others in your community. Price them at a range that could be considered as affordable. That way, all the things that you offer for sale will be purchased quickly. This will also ensure that you would have the funds that you need in the shortest possible time. To usher in more customers, Today suggests you invite others and have a neighbourhood sale instead.

These are some of the ways that you will be able to secure the amount that you need. The first two options may be good for small value. When you need a huge amount of money, you may have to resort to selling your real estate property. This could virtually answer for most of your needs.

Reviews are Not Just for the Customers

Green beautiful hotelThe Internet makes daily living convenient, but with the constant flow of information, it can also be overwhelming. Even what should have been a simple activity, such as booking a hotel room, could become this complicated system of box ticking and cross-referencing.

In an effort to ease the burden of decision, people turn to reviews, testimonials, and case studies. They’re not the only ones who stand to benefit from this, though. These three factors also benefit hotel owners.

Validates The Hotel’s Existence

Customers exercise caution when booking their accommodations online because of fraudulent websites. If they see that a hotel responds to reviews on sites like TripAdvisor, it eases their uncertainties and makes the decision to book a room easier.

Markets the Brand

Peak 14 Media believes that digital marketing offers endless opportunities that no business owner should miss. Reviews, case studies, or testimonials are extensions of a hotel’s marketing message, after all. Reposting a positive review to your hotel’s website provides a secondary and authentic voice that travelers can trust.

More Important than SEO

For hotels across America and Europe, online reviews are almost twice as important as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when it comes to influencing hotel booking decisions. Hotel owners who are not sure how to incorporate SEO into their campaigns because of how technical they are can start with managing what reviews say about them.

Opportunity to Fix Bad Reputations

There are good reviews. There are also bad reviews. Bad reviews can give you an insight on what to improve on your hotel’s service. Most customers also agree that a thoughtful response to bad reviews will improve the public’s overall impression of the hotel.

Plus Points in the Hospitality Department

Customers gravitate to a business that cares for them. Four out of five people believe that hotels that address online reviews care more about their guests than those who don’t.

Reviews, case studies, and testimonials are great tools to help customers decide on which hotel to stay in. Its function doesn’t end there, however. A smart hotel owner sees this as an opportunity to extend their marketing campaign.

Consider These 4 Things Before You Start Your Forwarding Business

People at a WorkplaceAre you interested in starting a forwarding business? This might not be a simple undertaking, but forwarding, freight, and shipping businesses are always in demand. From consumer goods to business-to- business transactions, there will always be a solid market for businesses of this kind.

So, you think this business is for you and you want to begin the planning stage. It’s only right that you don’t rush into things. Diligent research and familiarisation with any industry are both crucial steps in preparing to open a business.

Before you jump in feet first, here are four things you must consider before starting your forwarding business.

Financial requirements

As with any business, freight forwarding will come with startup costs. Because of the nature of this business which involves heavy machinery, the costs will be steep. Having the bare minimum wouldn’t work. You need to have a solid contingency fund in case some things don’t run smoothly.

Legal matters

Consult with a business lawyer before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey. It’s always best to do things the legal way. Ensure that you have all the permits you need and that you have enough resources to operate a forwarding business legally.


Figure out who your target market is. Forwarding is a broad industry. There’s personal forwarding, business courier service, shipping, and many more niches. You might want to enlist the help of seasoned marketers to help you figure out this side of the business.


Depending on what kind of forwarding business you want to start, your competitors might not be as easy to find. The best thing you can do is to consult with a transport engineering firm like Bison Equipment in your area and ask them who the other players are in this industry.

Once you have these four things covered, you can finally take major steps in starting your business. Remember not to rush things and move strategically!

4 Ways to Expand Your Manufacturing Business

Small Business Owners TalkingFor an entrepreneur, nothing feels better than succeeding in business. When the numbers are good, everyone in the team feels happy and motivated. Now that you have achieved all the goals you set, it’s time to expand. This phase can be tricky, which is why you need to make the right moves.

These four ideas can help you along the process:

Embrace technology

A variety of tools exists today to help you run and expand your business. Hoshin software, for instance, is transforming the way businesses do strategic planning. The software can help your management team cascade short-term and long-term objectives into smaller constituents throughout your business. This ensures that all the departments in your organization know their roles in the expansion process.

Commit to the process

Expanding a business is an involving process. You must be willing to put your heart into your goal. You must be prepared to spend long hours figuring out how to best implement your plan and strategy. Be ready to make sacrifices along the way. Motivate your employees to embrace this critical phase of your company.

Think long term

As you embark on the expansion process, reflect on the long term. This is your vision for the business. Define where you want your business to be in a decade or two. Once your vision is clear, you can break it down into a mission statement, goals, and objectives.

Determine your mission

Your staff will be motivated to fully commit to the expansion process if they know your mission. A mission statement states what your manufacturing business will do and look like after three to five years. Your mission should move you closer to your vision.

The expansion process is an exciting phase for any business. It signifies growth. If you take the right steps, you should maneuver this critical stage successfully.

Shop Problems: Drawing People in

Shop ProblemsDo you sit there and wonder why no one comes to your shop? You have chosen the best locations in Tampa and the busiest time slot but still end up with very little foot traffic. Adjacent stores have more people coming in while your shop remains empty. If this continues, your business is in danger. Doing business is not just about having the goods consumers need. Sometimes, it’s all about your presentation.

Think of your shop as a proposal, and people’s entry to it is that “Yes!” you have always wanted. It becomes easier to see how you can attract the right attention towards your store. Here are some things that might be missing from the equation:


It doesn’t matter if your shop is in a building that receives a lot of people every day. Your shop can remain invisible if you do not design it properly. You may have the goods, but you lack the draw. Get commercial lighting systems in Florida for all those luminous signboards. You would be surprised at how much the light in your shop creates intrigue and personality for your store. Look into modern designs and light your shop accordingly.


People only buy things when they need them. If you go by this logic, your business will only get consumers whenever the need arises. What you have to do is create the need and plant that idea that consumers need to buy your goods. Put some of your items on sale if you can. Create events that put your goods at the forefront and encourage a sense of community. Consumers these days are not just looking for items or services. They want a brand they can trust.

Managing your business is one thing. Drawing people in is another. Always remember both sides.

Section 8 Rental Program: How You Could Join

Rental InvestmentThe U.S. government developed the Section 8 Rental program to aid low-income elderly, families, and disabled individuals afford proper housing. The government gives them housing vouchers to rent houses that are eligible under the program. The tenant, in turn, would either pay in full or a portion of the monthly rent, depending on their financial circumstances.

For many landlords, this program is ideal because they would always have tenants that are already pre-screened by the government and stable, timely monthly payments.

How the Section 8 Program Works

The entire process is straightforward. You, as the landlord, would provide some personal info and pass your application. The housing authority would then evaluate your application, mainly your rental rates to make certain that they’re fair, based on comparable homes in your specific area. If the housing authority deems your rates to be well above the average rate, they would request to reduce them.

How Can You Get Approval

If they approve you as a Section 8 rental investment landlord, Americas Housing Alliance, LLC explains that they’ll send a qualified inspector to your rental property to ensure that it satisfies all local safety and building codes.

Your rental property should be structurally sound, the plumbing and wiring must function safely, and must be equipped with working locks on all doors and windows. It should likewise have cooling or heating appliances like radiant gas heaters or central air, depending on its specific location. In addition, the local code might impose that you install safety ramps or handrails outside your rental property.

When the inspector has approved your property, you could start accepting vouchers. Take note, however, that although your potential tenants have already been pre-screened, you could choose which ones you want as tenants and create a separate lease agreement. Depending on your tenant’s agreement with the government, the housing authority would pay you a portion (the rest would come from your tenant) or all of the rent money.

Before you could operate a Section 8 rental investment, you must apply get approval from the housing authority. It’s crucial to note that requirements differ from one housing authority to the next, but that any landlord could participate in the program, including property managers and private owners.