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Participate in Church

Quiet Time for Busy Parents: 3 Secrets to Finding Time with God

Participate in ChurchParenthood can be extremely demanding, and sometimes it feels as if you rarely have enough time to get everything done. Most days, you consider the few minutes before the kids wake up as a little victory and time for yourself. You constantly face the challenge of running around the house, and sadly, you fail to prioritize your quiet time with God.

Everyone leads a busy life these days, so it can be hard to find time for prayer. It’s not that we don’t want to spend time with Him, but it’s just so easy to get caught up in all the things we have to do that we allow Him to slip further down our list of priorities.

Don’t fret. With God, it’s never too late to come back. Here are some secrets to finding time with the Lord:

Participate in Church Activities

Some churches in Denver, Colorado offer activities for busy parents. You might think that this will only be a waste of time, but what’s two hours once a week when you have so much more time to attend to your responsibilities at home? Most of those activities require very little time, talent, and even financial investment, too, and most even allow you to bring the kids.

Get Up Early

Getting up earlier than usual might seem like a dread, but consider how your different your day can be just by getting up at least 10 minutes earlier to pray. The initial wake up, get out of bed process might take all your energy on some mornings, but once you do get out of bed, you are done with the hardest part. You’ll enjoy it.

Those extra minutes in the morning may actually even boost your energy rather than drain you.

Get Off the Computer

Let’s be honest here. How much time do you actually spend browsing Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? If you’re on the computer for an hour a day, why don’t you reduce the time you spend on social media and reallocate at least ten minutes for God?

That’s not to say that using social media is wrong; there are benefits to it, yes, but don’t let it come at the expense of your relationship with God.

It’s easy to let life get in the way and say, “I’m too busy for any of that.” Okay, yes, you’re busy—but when it comes down to it, you can create a window of time for God.


What to Look for When Buying a Hotel Porperty

hotelInvesting in property has a lot of pros and cons, but for those who manage to play their cards right, they reap the benefits and enjoy the increase in their profits.

The tourism industry in Australia is growing every year. The upswing in tourist visitors creates opportunities for hoteliers and landowners looking to sell or buy property. There are factors to consider before you make the decision to buy or sell a hotel.


The location of the hotel is important when you invest in a property. Is it near a tourist attraction or a beach? The value of the hotel increases when visitors have easy access to tourist attractions, restaurants, or shopping areas.

The accessible location comes with a high price tag. Determine if your finances are enough to purchase a hotel in a prime location. You can also look for properties in developing destinations to get bargains when buying a hotel. Consult with a broker to get future or current valuation of different properties.

Market Familiarisation

Tourism may be on the rise and the need for hotels increasing, but are you familiar with the market? The potential profits may entice you to purchase a property near a tourist destination, but a lack of familiarity with the market may lead to a disastrous business endeavour. Remain in the industry you are familiar with to avoid the pitfalls of a failed business. If you believe you are ready to embark on a new business venture, surround yourself with experienced executives, marketers, and financiers to make the right decisions.

Competitive Landscape

The market may be too saturated for a new player to emerge. Identify the competitive landscape and determine if your business model is a profitable venture. There are ways to position your hotel differently from the competition. Are you offering services that nobody else offers? Is the design or theme of your hotel different? The way you position and market your newly acquired hotel can be the difference maker.

The hotel industry is a growing business that you can enter and earn a profit. Consider the location, familiarisation with the market, and competition before purchasing a hotel.

Noisy Tyres

The Causes of Excessive Tyre Noise

Noisy TyresPart of a fun and comfortable driving experience is making sure that cabin noise stays at a minimum. A quiet car is a pleasure to drive, and even travelling long distances will still feel like a nice, smooth journey. But what if your tyres are noisy enough to disturb this tranquillity, and annoy you every time you pull out of the parking lot?

There are many reasons behind noisy tires, and Richard’s Tyrepower mentions that it is usually because the ones you have are either in bad condition, or a poor fit for your vehicle. In worst cases, it can even be a symptom of serious safety issues, so make sure that you identify the problem quickly.

1. Tread design – First, you should understand that some tyres are simply noisier than others are. Treads built for hauling around heavy loads or for tackling rough terrain usually make more of a racket. Other details like the innate air compression and symmetry of the design also play a part. The most important thing here is to get the right tyres for your vehicle type, or else it will amplify the sounds.

2. Bent wheel – If you notice that not all tyres make the same amount of noise, and that the vehicle seems to be shaking slightly at certain speeds, you might have a bent wheel. Potholes and other obstacles on the road can cause a wheel to bend. Thankfully, there are affordable ways to have your wheel straightened again, so don’t hesitate to have it fixed.

3. Out of round tyre – Does your tyre roll in a true circle, or does it seem to rise and fall slightly? This has many of the same symptoms as the above problem. Out of round tyres can damage suspension components, and will cause uneven wear throughout the rubber. In some cases, this problem might even be due to tread separation, which is a serious safety risk.

There are other possible reasons for noisy tyres, but these are usually the most common and the ones you have to worry about most. Your mechanic should be able to tell you what the exact problem is, and what it will take to fix it.

Metal Roofs

Discovering the Reasons More People Choose a Metal Roof

Metal RoofsAs Salt Lake City is pounded with hail, storms, wind and even the baking heat of the sun, the roof is the first structure that protects your home. However, you find that your current roof type won’t last because of the extreme weather, so you think of the best roofing options.

Your problem may be solved with a metal roofing system. In fact, most homeowners are crazy about it. Here are the reasons metal roofs are on the rise:

Provides More Safety

A shingled roof made of either asphalt or wood won’t stand the strong gust of wind and the debris hurdled by storms. Once the debris heavily hits your roof, it will have cracks or worse, holes.

With a metal roof most Salt Lake City residents prefer, it can withstand any extreme weather condition. Even if it’s battered by nearby branches of trees, it won’t have cracks or holes, only dents. Rest assured, there would be no leaks.

More Durable

Proven a durable roofing material, a metal roof is invulnerable to rot, stains, fire, wind and moisture. To keep its durability and functionality at its max, though, you should observe regular roofing maintenance. Remove any fallen debris or coat it with a roof guard protection.

Has Longer Lifespan

Compared to the lifespan of an asphalt roof, which lasts for about 15-20 years, a metal roof can last longer for 30-50 years. In other words, a metal roof lasts twice as long as an asphalt roof. No need to replace your roof more frequent and save more costs with a metal roof.

The only con about a metal roof is its higher initial cost. But you won’t regret it as a metal roof provides more safety, is more durable and has a longer lifespan. This is definitely an investment worth of your money.


Avoid these Mistakes in Creating Your Business Logo

logosIf you’re making your own logo, you should know that it’s more than a jumble of scribbles and words. After all, it’s the representation of your company. Keep in mind that your logo may make or break the company’s image and affect your potential revenues.

There are many things to consider in the design. For starters, you can create a good logo by avoiding these things:

Using too much designs

Designs draw the customers in. Use them sparingly, but not liberally. Too much fluff in your logo may give your audience mixed signals and drive them away instead. Graphic designers like Red Rider Creative emphasize the importance of balancing form and function in making logos for businesses. While it’s nice to put catchy phrases and designs, it’s better to err on the side of caution and make your logo simple, yet memorable.

Riding the trends

You don’t have to follow the trends all the time. People might dismiss your logo if it looks like the rest of the popular ones. What matters in a company logo is distinction, not design. People will remember your company because your logo stands out. Keep in mind that less is more in logo design. You don’t have to add much fluff like your competitors to garner attention and lose your audience in the process.

Adopting your preferences

A logo is something that will represent your company, not you personally. Don’t create the logo out of your own style and preference. Chances are, the message will be lost on your target market. Avoid creating amateurish logo. Your audience won’t take your business seriously with your half-baked work. Use professional applications to give an impression that your services are professional, as well.

Copying images online

Your logo should set your company apart. Copying online images for your logo may put your company at risk of lawsuits for breaking copyright laws. Your company will also lose credibility if people have seen it on other websites. Your losses wouldn’t compare to the costs of creating an image for your company logo. Make your logo original; hire a graphic designer if necessary.

What makes a good logo? Original, distinct, simple, yet memorable. By avoiding common mistakes, you’ll create an attractive and compelling logo that will identify and endear your company to your target audience.

Getting Pregnant in Your 30s: How You Can Increase Your Odds

pregnantThe moment you tie the knot, there’s no doubt everyone will bombard you with questions about having a baby. Have no worry, as many women have been there. If you’ve tried a few times to get pregnant but failed, that news is truly devastating for you and your husband. It feels like a punch that hit you in both belly and heart.

Trying to conceive in your 30s can be downright difficult, but that does not mean it’s impossible. As your biological clock is ticking, you need to arm yourself with the right information to increase the odds of having a baby. Let this article help you achieve that happy and healthy pregnancy.

Think Positively

Anyone who has suffered from infertility knows how painful it is. But don’t make your situation worse by dwelling in the past. Stress, worries, and negative thoughts can get in the way of your plan of getting pregnant. When you always think of bad things, you reduce your chances. This is the reason you should always think positively, read inspirational pregnancy blogs, and surround yourself with cheerful people. Control your emotional and physical health.

Monitor Your Ovulation

Another step you should take is to monitor your menstrual cycle, so you’ll know your most fertile time. Fortunately, a comprehensive pregnancy planning kit can help you achieve that. According to ConceivePlease, established to support couples start or extend a family, “understanding your menstrual cycle and knowing when you are at your most fertile time is important in optimising conception. Studies have shown how easy it is to guess the fertile time incorrectly. Monitoring your basal body temperature and the LH hormone surge in your urine can help pin point ovulation.”

Take Multivitamins

A healthy body is the key to healthy conception, so don’t forget to eat a baby-friendly diet and start a vitamin supplement. Healthcare professionals suggest taking those containing minerals, such as folic acid and iodine. This may help ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Having a baby in your 30s is challenging and overwhelming, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. With smart planning and right information, you can help yourself conceive smoothly.

Child Brain Development

Answers to Top 3 Questions About Child Brain Development

Child Brain DevelopmentThe brain of a child is the perfect example of neuroplasticity. This means that as children learn basic and complex skills, their brain changes. The connections between neurons are either eliminated or strengthened.

To help you make sense of how early experience can shape a child’s brain, here are some questions and answers that will give you a better view of how the young mind works:

Are Babies Born with Less Neurons and Synapses than Adults?

No—babies are, in fact, born with more neurons and synapses than adults. In a study conducted in 2007, the researchers compared eight human brains of new-borns with eight brains of adults. The results showed that on average, neurons and synapses are 41 per cent lower in adults than those in babies. So what happens to the “extra” neurons? They go through a process called synaptic pruning, which weeds out the weaker synapses.

Does Brain Development Depend Only on Genes?

No. Brain development is actually the result of a complicated interaction between genes and the environment. Connections between neurons form in the utero, and these connections are determined by genetics. Whether the connection becomes weak or strong depends on the environment of the child, particularly the child’s experiences.

So, children can outsmart their genes. Think of it this way: if genes determined how smart a person becomes, then what is the purpose of school? According to Heguru Education Centre, it really depends on learning.

Is 0 to 5 Years Old the Only Critical Period for Brain Development?

They say everything happens before age 5. While the period between 0 to 5 years of age is important for brain development, it is not critical for all major cognitive skills. Brain development is, in fact, continuous. Numerous studies even show that the brain does not fully develop until a person reaches 18 to 20. To be more precise, the frontal lobes of the brain, which are responsible for planning, organisation, judgment, and strategizing, are the last ones to function fully until a person reaches adulthood.

With these facts in mind, you might be surprised what a gorgeous little genius you have on your hands.

Nicolas Cage

You Have no Idea These 6 Celebrities Have Dental Implants!

Nicolas CageThe idea of dental implants in Murray makes most people uncomfortable. The procedure sounds painful, and nobody under the age of eighty thinks getting false teeth is appealing.

Before you write off dental implants Murray dentists have to offer as something you’ll save for when you’re bouncing grandkids on your knee, check out these six celebrities who owe their stunning smiles to cosmetic dentistry.

1. Taylor Hicks

American Idol’s Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks got his two front teeth knocked out in a high school basketball game. As a result of the incident, he got dental implants to fill in the gap, and started to consider a singing career instead of pursuing sports.

2. Steven Tyler

Rocker Steven Tyler’s distinctive look wouldn’t be complete without his huge smile, so you can imagine how dismayed he was when he fell in the shower and lost two teeth just before an Aerosmith concert in 2011! Fortunately, a Paraguayan dentist was able to replace the missing teeth with implants, and the singer didn’t have to miss a thing.

3. Christie Brinkley

With her radiant smile, it’s no wonder that supermodel Christie Brinkley inspired Billy Joel to write the hit song “Uptown Girl”. After a horrific helicopter accident in 1994, however, two of her molars were broken and needed extraction. Brinkley then had these teeth replaced with implants, and continued to smile with confidence.

4. Donatella Versace

Yes, that Donatella Versace. She’s a style icon and one of the most powerful names in fashion. Though she’s come under fire for being a bit heavy-handed with the Botox, nobody can fault her dental work. Her teeth are flawless, and nobody can tell which ones are implants.

5. Nicolas Cage

His dedication to acting makes Nicolas Cage a true national treasure. He actually had two teeth pulled out for his role as a Vietnam War veteran in the 1984 movie “Birdy”! When his career took off, he opted to use cosmetic dentistry to make his smile star-worthy, and this included getting dental implants.

6. Ed Helms

Remember how Ed Helms’ character lost his tooth the 2009 comedy “The Hangover”? That wasn’t special effects: he’s actually missing a tooth! He’s had the implant since he was 16, and was able to have its crown removed when the movie’s plot called for it. Talk about a lucky break!

Keep these names in mind when you’re considering dental implants in Murray!

Brisbane EKKA

A Haven in the Middle of Brisbane: the RNA Showgrounds

Brisbane EKKAA Haven in the Middle of Brisbane

In Brisbane, especially if you are travelling for business, there is a good chance that you will need accommodation near the RNA Showgrounds. It is not the only place where business happens in Brisbane.

According to The Terrace on Gregory, however, if you are going to a convention or corporate event, this is the favoured location in the area.

What is the RNA Showgrounds?

It is not a new place. The Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland (RNA) built it in 1875 to hold the Royal Queensland Show, the yearly agricultural show. The locals call it the Ekka (short for “exhibition”). The formal name for the RNA Showgrounds is the Brisbane Exhibition Ground.

What Happens There?

Many events have been held in the RNA Showgrounds over the years. It is where Aussies received the British couple Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip when they visited in 1954. The RNA Showgrounds has become the place to hold major events today.

Many major sporting events traditionally take place in The RNA Showgrounds. This includes motor sports, baseball, rugby and tennis. It is now also home to the Brisbane Bandits, the Australian baseball team. Aside from sports, it is now a popular place to hold corporate events. This includes business conventions and trade exhibits.

What is the Development?

There was a time when only a small portion of the RNA Showgrounds got any use with any regularity. There were proposals to regenerate the RNA Showgrounds. Construction finally started on April 2011.

The aim was to make the heritage site into a first class convention centre. The RNA borrowed $65 million to build the Royal International Convention Centre (Royal ICC) among other things.

The plan was to make $300 million a year once the renovation was completed. It is turning out to be a good plan. The development has already made much money and created many jobs for the people in Brisbane. This will ultimately benefit the whole of Queensland.

Thousands of visitors and foreigners come to Brisbane to take part in corporate events. This is a good thing because part of the regeneration plan was to build hotels and residences for visitors to the RNA Showgrounds.

You can find accommodation near the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane, no matter the purpose of visit. There is a wide range available for all budgets and needs.

Traffic Offenses

Most Common Traffic Offenses in Illinois

Traffic OffensesThere are many traffic laws enforced in the state of Illinois, but some are more frequently cited and even taken to court.

Most violations are minor infractions if they do not result in something as serious as death, or do not involve alcohol and other illegal substances. These violations have penalties, nonetheless, and would need traffic lawyers familiar with local regulations.

Here are the traffic offenses most common in the State:

• Driving under the influence – DUI is prevalent in the whole country, but if you look closer, statistics would point a higher prevalence in the teenage group or the age group 16-19 years old.

• Accidents involving death and personal injuries – In 2011 alone, there were approximately 100 fatal car accidents in the Chicago area that involved about 161 vehicles and about 240 people. Among these victims, 109 died due to injuries while 42 impaired the drivers.

• Reckless driving – When you try to drive over 20 mph per hour in certain roads or over 80 mph per hour on any roadway, you are calling attention to the cops. Reckless driving may also include drag racing where the number of fatalities is high, especially for the teenage group.

• Seat belt requirement – Not wearing seatbelts is one of the most ignored traffic laws.

• Driving while license is suspended or revoked – There are a number of cases where your license may be suspended, like DUI. Somehow, people try to elude the penalty for such violations and continue to drive without this primary requirement.

• Leaving the scene of an accident – Traffic laws say not to abandon the crime scene or you will risk being convicted of a felony or more known as “hit and run.”

• Fleeing or attempting to elude the police – Refusing to stop or eluding an officer in uniform is tantamount to a misdemeanor, which will either penalize you with a fine or send you to jail.

The best way to face these charges is to find good legal representation. As traffic violations are inevitable in a driver’s life, you should know your rights and your options when facing any of these charges.