How Dealing with Duplicate Content Can Save Websites

Search engines in the past simply remove duplicate content or include them as additional results for higher-ranking websites. With Google Panda, however, any website can receive a penalty because of bad and More »

Boosting Your Site’s Credibility

Your website’s credibility is one of the factors that will attract customers and generate leads. Credibility also increases your chances of changing a user’s attitude and behaviour. Boost the online credibility of More »

Let the Experts Do It: Signs You’re Ready to Outsource

While it’s well known that outsourcing is recognized as a cost-effective way to manage businesses, many startups delay outsourcing some of their work because they’re not sure if it’s the right time. More »

Link Building Tips: The Post-Penguin Edition

In light of Google’s series of algorithm updates, many assumed that link building is dead. This is not the case, however, as the search engine giant only wants everything to be natural. More »

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Passing that Urine Drug Test with Ease

Testing for drug use is a common requirement for many employers. In other cases, overtly protective parents just want to check on their children. Regardless of the objective of going through the test, there are certain steps you can take to desired results. You can easily pass a urine drug test by following the guidelines below:

Substituting the sample

This is an effective method to pass a urine drug test. This means using another person’s urine or even a synthetically prepared sample. The synthetic variety is often found in certain smoke shops in the form of powdered concentrates. This can be diluted and added to warm water in the right quantity.


Not spiking or masking the sample

Spiking or masking the urine sample is a commonly used method to direct testing procedures and equipment away from getting unwanted results. You can buy OTC chemicals and commercially available nitrates to mask the results. All these products, however, are easily detectable; thus, resulting in test failure.

Diluting the sample

This is another common practice to avoid detection. You can use external fluids to achieve the desired dilution levels. In this method, the sample is diluted to reduce the concentration of the chemical metabolites. Dilution will decrease the specific gravity and levels of creatinine. Some laboratories, however, have equipment that to test the concentration of the given sample. Any dilution can be detected easily.

Usage of warm water is the best way to achieve dilution as the temperature variation can be easily detectable. Most drug testing facilities will ask you to provide the sample in a room where there are no sinks present. The toilet water will also be tinted. Some people believe that drinking high amounts of water will help in diluting the drug metabolites, but this can be dangerous. Water intoxication can be fatal. Colorless urine will also arouse suspicion, and the sample may be flagged.


How Dealing with Duplicate Content Can Save Websites

Search engines in the past simply remove duplicate content or include them as additional results for higher-ranking websites. With Google Panda, however, any website can receive a penalty because of bad and duplicate content. This won’t only hurt web pages, but it can bring down a website completely.

If you’re a start-up SEO company, keeping up with the many updates can be confusing. It’s best to partner with an experienced white label SEO reseller to help you prevent such penalties on your clients’ sites before it’s too late.

Here are the basics you need to remember:


Canonical Tag

Google Panda’s algorithm updates are trying to keep irrelevant, duplicate content away from search engine result pages (SERPs). This way, users can find what they want through websites that offer substantial information. Use Google Webmaster Tools to track down all duplicates. Afterwards, you should handle domain and cross-domain issues using the rel=canonical tag.

URL Removal

Use the “Remove URL” option of the Google Webmaster Tools by going to the site configuration and clicking through the crawler access. Choose the last among the three tabs and enter the URL to remove the page that contains the duplicate content.

Redirecting Content

Instead of relying on 404 pages, use 301 redirect to inform visitors that the site has moved to another URL. This is ideal for duplicate content that have incoming links. Redirecting content to another address can be confusing to some, so make sure that this process goes smoothly and quickly.

Better Content

Create original, high quality content to prevent penalty. Avoid posting thin pages, as Google might categorize it as near-duplicates. Don’t focus on the number of words alone. Prioritize the style and quality of your content to save your website.

These are only some of the ways to save your clients’ websites from duplicate content. Never underestimate the power of Google Panda, as penalties can make it difficult for you. Look for an SEO white label reseller and start solving these issues immediately.

North Nicosia High Rise Buildings

Cyprus in Your Heart: Top Reasons You Should Do Business in Cyprus

The European Union made big headlines over the past couple of years, primarily because of the banking crisis. Many members of the union had trouble getting their finances in order. Irrespective of the problems in the banking sector, however, many small economies, such as Cyprus, continue to thrive and remain an international business and financial centre.

Here’s why:

North Nicosia High Rise Buildings

Open to the World

Cyprus recently suffered a few setbacks economy-wise, but the country is bouncing back with several improved programs, including relaxed requirements for citizenship in a bid to keep and boost foreign investment.

The country is now offering passports and relaxed citizenship requirements to big foreign investors. Cyprus’s Citizenship by Investment programme was recently revised, making it more investor-friendly. Foreign businesspeople wanting to invest in the island state and acquire citizenship will now only need to put in 3 million euros, down from the previous 10 million euros.

The Best of Three Worlds

This tiny eastern Mediterranean island state is strategically located at the crossroads of three major continents: Asia, Europe, and Africa. This means if you want to expand or start your own business in Cyprus, you get to enjoy an expansive and diverse market.

Because Cyprus is a member of the European Union and the EuroZone, you and your business will also get to enjoy great business relations and transportation connections with the Middle East. All you’ll need to diversify or expand your current business is to invest in the country and become a citizen, via the Citizenship by Investment programme of Cyprus.

Tax Not a Problem

Cyprus has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the whole EU, at only 12.5%, making the country an ideal location if you want to start a holding company. The government does not require taxes for disposal of securities and capital gains tax to most business transactions. The island state also does not impose withholding taxes on dividend income, interest, or royalty payments effected to non-Cypriot beneficiaries. If you set up an office there, profits from your headquarters abroad are tax exempt.

With all these features and more, the country’s tourism slogan might as well be used for their business campaign: Cyprus in Your Heart.


Your Own Runway Moment: Wedding Gown Trends for 2014

For brides-to-be, choosing a wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding. It’s the heart of a bride’s stunning presence. The best way to look for the perfect dress is by browsing through the latest wedding gown collections online.

This year, bridal experts like My Wedding Concierge recommend that brides should experiment with new fabrics and new colours. So if fashion is a factor when you get married, consider the following wedding dress trends:


Romantic Lace

Go for a modern-meets-vintage vibe with a lace wedding gown. It has been the choice of many fashionable women for years due to its classic look. You can choose a full-length lace-covered sleeve ideal for a church ceremony. Lace gowns are also great for different sizes and shapes, so it will work regardless of your body-type.

Pretty in Pink

Who can forget Kaley Cuoco’s pink bridal gown? She immediately caught the attention of her guests when they first got a glimpse of her. Expect pink to be the new white this year. If you’re interested, there are many couture or ready to wear bridal gowns you can choose from. Don’t be afraid to show off your girly side in candy pink colour. Depending on the shade, pink can be sophisticated, girly or strong.

The Power of Short Dress

While it’s common for women to wear long dresses on their big day, short dresses are still wearable for the real bride. This year’s short gowns are more glamour than glitz, more sexy than skimpy. This is perfect for a casual wedding, and also a great way to show off your wedding shoes.

When it comes to a wedding, anything goes these days as long as you’re comfortable with what you’ll wear. There’s many gowns to choose from, but these three styles stand out from the rest.

Macbook on desk

Boosting Your Site’s Credibility

Your website’s credibility is one of the factors that will attract customers and generate leads. Credibility also increases your chances of changing a user’s attitude and behaviour. Boost the online credibility of your company and its products with the following tips:

Site’s Layout

Pay more attention to your site’s layout and consistency. Make sure it looks clean and professional and in line with what your business represents. Consider affordable web design services to help you develop a professional-looking website.

Verifiable Information

Provide third party supports such as citations and references for all the information you present on your site. You can also link to an external website or email to show confidence in your material.

Macbook on desk

Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Fresh Content

Update your content regularly to get more traffic. Make sure that your content provides relevant and valuable information to your customer, giving them more reason to come back. Post news about your business or discuss new products and events taking place in your area.

Avoid Errors

Minor problems such as spelling mistakes, broken links, and slow-loading web pages can hurt your site’s credibility. Address these problems immediately and monitor your site regularly to make sure that it is up and running.

Avoid Ads and Pop-ups

If possible, avoid putting promotional ads on your website. If not, make sure to distinguish sponsored content from your own. More so, avoid pop-ups, as these will only distract users and negatively affect your website’s credibility.

Use these tips to make your business trustworthy. Consult reliable web designers to help you build your online presence and credibility.

toothbrush on sink

Look What You’ve Done to Your Teeth! Dental Habits You Need To Break

Bad dental habits are sometimes the cause of frequent dental visits or mouth ailments. Such habits can undermine the good ones and compromise your oral health. Here’s a list of the bad dental habits you need to break immediately.

Obsessive Brushing

Good dental health is not about how frequent or how hard you brush. Experts recommend using a soft toothbrush with many bristles. You don’t have to brush your teeth ten times a day. Thorough brushing twice a day, with flossing once a day, is enough.

toothbrush on sink

Grinding the Teeth

Grinding your teeth wears them down. Your dentist may advise wearing a mouth guard for teeth grinding at night. While the custom models made by the dentists may cost more, they definitely fit and work better.

Using Teeth as Tools

Many people use their teeth for a number of odd jobs. This includes opening a bag of potato chips, pulling out a watch stem, or ripping a price tag off a piece of clothing. Such habits can traumatise your teeth or even cause the edge of the weakened ones to chip or break.

Practice good dental care and avoid any of these habits. Visit Healthy Dental Currambine or the Australian Dental Association to learn more about the improvement or your oral health.

gold buyer

Ideal Investments to Beat Inflation

A penny saved is a penny earned, but this isn’t always the case in today’s economy. Its value might even drop because of inflation. This is why you need to make investments before it’s too late. This way, you’ll have resources when inflation strikes. Here are some of them:

gold buyer

Gold Coins, Bars, or Bullions

Gold is a precious metal that doesn’t deflate regardless of the economic situation. It’s a good investment since you can sell it when necessary. Unlike currency currently in circulation, it’s flexible and its value doesn’t change wherever you go. You don’t have to worry about transactions either because finding a reliable gold buyer in Long Island and other parts of New York won’t be difficult.

Real Estate Properties

Real estate prices are rising continuously, especially those located near schools, offices, and other establishments. It’s difficult to find a house that had the same market value when you first bought your property. Shelter is a basic need, so you’ll eventually find a buyer who’ll take your price.

Whether you’re investing in gold or real estate, make sure to look for dependable property agents and gold buyers in Long Island, New York or anywhere you live. This way, you can make the most out of your investment in times of inflation.

wireless speakers

Wow with Sound: Speakers for Your Playlist

Exercise or even work becomes easier as we hum or sing along the tunes from our playlist. Listening with a pair of earphones or headsets, however, diminishes the enjoyment sometimes. They can be uncomfortable to wear for hours while possibly causing hearing problems due to the loud volume. This makes getting high-quality wireless speakers the better option.

wireless speakers

Looking for the Best Speakers

Sound quality, range of Bluetooth connection, and the battery’s staying power are three factors to consider when buying speakers. There are many popular brands that can provide what you need, but they often come with a huge price tag. This makes it a better option to check out lesser-known brands, such as Outdoor Tech or look for reviews at Gizmag and Electronic House websites to find the right speaker.

Comparing Your Options

Once you’re done with the research on features and specifications, it’s time to check them out to learn which brand of Bluetooth speakers fit your standards and budget. Testing is also necessary to find which speakers suit your indoors. It is, therefore, not recommended to just purchase online, even if you’re buying known brands. You have to experience it first-hand to find the right speakers that will suit your listening standards.

visiting family dentist

When Choosing a Family Dentist Becomes Difficult

When you’re choosing a family dentist, you’re actually making an important decision. You need to keep in mind that you’re entrusting an important part of your wellness. Observations and a little research will do the trick, but if you don’t know where to start, here are some pointers you may want to consider.

visiting family dentist


Location is important, as you’re supposed to get an appointment within a week or two. Setting an appointment and regular visits will be difficult if your dentist lives towns away from you. Dental clinics that are close to home can cut some costs and save time.


A family dentist should work well with your children, especially if you have more than one. Otherwise, your kids will grow dreading going to the clinic or stereotyping dentists. In many cases, a dentist who has children may be a good candidate as your family dentist.

The Running of the Office

Look around the clinic of your prospective dentist, and you might see some clues that will tell you he’s the right fit for your family. For instance, a friendly and organized receptionist may be a sign that the dentist is efficient at delegating tasks. Similarly, the cleanliness and orderliness of the office may say some things about the dentist.

Choosing a family dentist also requires you to look at the technology they are using and their credentials. Take time, but don’t take forever to make a decision, as you are actually dealing with your family’s health.


auto transmission

Early Signs of Automatic Transmission Trouble

Unusual sounds and sensations are key indicators of mechanical problems. Such signs usually indicate that something is wrong with your vehicle. A lot of things go on with your car’s transmission, and after a while, some parts will not function the way they should.

auto transmission

Below are some signs of transmission trouble:

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Pay attention to the colour of the leaking fluid. If it’s red, then it probably comes from your transmission. Other car fluids like windshield wiper fluid and anti-freeze are also red. You’ll be able to differentiate the transmission fluid by its consistency and smell.

Automatic transmission fluid is an important component and contributes to your car’s shifting capabilities. When you notice a dark coloured fluid or a burnt smell, take your car to an automatic transmission repair shop in Perth and have it replaced.

Check Engine Light

Newer cars have transmission sensors that pick up irregularities in the engine and indicate that something is wrong in a particular area. The check engine light can be a good early indicator of automatic transmission trouble. To determine if your check engine light is warning you about a transmission problem, you can get a diagnostic scan tool or just take your car to a mechanic for verification.

When your transmission refuses to go into the correct gear, it’s a sure sign that something’s wrong. For a car diagnosis, call an auto transmission shop in Perth today.